Celebration Of Service Friday (#36)


That’s First Lieutenant (1LT) Jeff.  He is one of our Air Force Pararescuemen and that’s his quote.

For anyone who wonders why I post my Celebration of Service entries, It’s because of men like Jeff; men who go willingly into danger to protect and retrieve those who are helpless.  They wade out there into the fray to bring their injured brothers back…and that’s a calling that deserves our respect.

It seems only fitting to send a little love back their way!

A side note to all of you experienced Pararescuemen, Combat Medics and Corpsmen (active duty and veterans) –  I know your job is/was a terribly difficult one but I hope you keep a couple of truths front and center.  I hope you remind yourself that those you couldn’t save would have passed on whether you were there or not.  You can’t fix everything. It’s not within your power.  I know, without a shadow of a doubt, that those you were unable to keep going were grateful to have you there.  Your medical skills are a gift but your mere presence on the scene is also.  It makes a difference.  If you don’t know that now, or if you forget it on bad days, my wish for you is that you’re able take that understanding to heart completely, sooner rather than later. 


5 responses

  1. The ones that didn’t make it home, those are the ones that visit us at night.

    Thank you for being you, I am blessed to know you! I couldn’t ask for a better beautiful spider monkey ever…

    1. Yes….
      I’m glad you come visit me AND I feel equally blessed. I was feeling a little “yuck” today so I didn’t exercise much but I did take my dogs on a walk. I was struck by the beauty of the day…the leaves are starting to turn and it’s just so pretty. I soak up those moments of peace. They’re a good counterweight to all the “noise” of the world. I felt much better when I got back than I did going out.

      I hope you’re seeing pretty things where you are!

  2. Doctor Lynn, I have never wondered why you post your Celebration of Service entries. It’s because you know that all the presidents and prime ministers are far too busy with important stuff to do this kind of thing. If it wasn’t for ordinary people, brave ordinary people would get no recognition whatsoever.

  3. Mustang, in his comment above me says the words I can not always find. People like Lt. Jeff leave me speechless. Thank you for this , Lynn.

  4. The professionalism, courage, and humanity of our life-saving brothers and sisters never fails to amaze and inspire me —or bring a tear to my tired old eyes when they give up their life saving one of us. “Greater love hath no man than this; that a man lay down his own life for his friend.” —John 15:13

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