Sometimes I like to try exercises I see other people doing.  It’s fun to mix things up and to add a little challenge to my routine.  I saw a woman doing push ups/ shoulder presses in a unique way and I wondered if I could do the same.  I don’t have  a box like the one she’s using in the photos below, so I tried putting my feet on a low bench I have at my house and also on the end of my bed.  The bed was the proper height and worked best for me.



I managed to bang out a few reps at a time but it was definitely wasn’t easy.  I tried to make sure that at the top of the push up/shoulder press I was in the same great alignment you see in the first photo.  I could really feel the stretch, even in my hamstrings.

Trying something new and different occasionally is a good way to add some fresh interest into old routines.


4 responses

  1. You are amazing Lynn

    1. Aw shucks, thank you! Happy Monday Mess! I got my week off to a good start with a hard workout this morning….and a nice dog walk. My puppies were all over the place. Ha…no powers of concentration today. Usually they walk rather nicely side by side. Today they were starting/stopping/pulling in different directions. We were a spectacle going down the street (but it was still a lovely walk).

  2. You must have such strength in your upper body to do these with feet elevated. That’s awesome!

    1. They did present a challenge. They were harder than I thought they would be. I think I’ll keep them in the rotation for a short time just because they move my body in a different way than usual. I want to see if I can get more fluid in the motion.

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