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Recently, a 19-year-old Christian woman from the Middle East told me (through a priest who was acting as an interpreter) of her experiences over the previous couple of years. What she had to say was hair-raising. She had been taken prisoner and held in an ISIS rape camp along with many other women and girls.  

The jihadis used them as rewards for the men.  They would sell them between themselves with the money going to their captors.  She tried to sell herself more so they would leave the youngest children alone but the young ones, some of whom were just 5 years old, were in high demand and were often raped multiple times a day.  

This particular woman was rescued, and is now living in the United States.  She arrived a few weeks ago. 

She says she wants to die.

John Kerry announced that he intends to allow up to 200,000 refugees, many from Syria, into the United States over the next two years.  That is in addition to those already resettled here by the Obama administration over the course of his term as President.  They make no preferential differentiation between muslims and Christians who are fleeing their homeland.   As a matter of fact, Christians, who are persecuted mercilessly in Syria, don’t meet the official definition of “refugee” since they’re under attack from ISIS and not the official Syrian government.  Therefore, they receive little consideration.  The result is that muslims will make up the vast majority of those placed into communities in the US.  

ISIS stated more than a year ago that they intended to hide among refugee populations in order to gain more access into Europe and the US.  

John Kerry assures us that the new crop of refugees from Syria will be carefully vetted before they enter our country. Government officials like him tell us they can discern between fundamentalist muslims, like ISIS members and more moderate muslims who are simply seeking a better life. 

Our intelligence community, however, has stated that the refugees cannot possibly be properly vetted since entire regions of Syria including government offices housing police records and other pertinent information have been utterly destroyed.  ISIS often raids the offices before demolishing them and steals passports and official paperwork.  They sell these items on the black market or keep them for their own use.  Therefore, even if people possess personal identification documents, they are highly suspect.

I will remind you that our military members have had many instances of throughly and supposedly properly vetted, government sanctioned, indigenous “helpers” in the Middle East turning on them in case after case of green on blue murder.  Clearly, vetted or not, our government officials can’t assure anyone, except the blissfully uninformed, that they are actually up for the job.  

If you’ve ever wondered how many refugees, wealthy muslim-majority countries like Saudi Arabia are taking, the answer is none.  According to them, they are afraid the refugees would be pose a significant “security risk.”  In other words, they think terrorists may be hiding among them. 

ISIS is at war with us whether we acknowledge it or not. They intend to destroy us…one or many at a time.  It seems reasonable to request our government representatives behave in a more prudent and cautious manner.  Islamic fundamentalists engage in violent acts against the “Kafir” all over the world and they do so in accordance with quoted religious text they reference to support their behavior.  We have seen their handiwork up close.  They killed approximately 3000 Americans (men, women and children) in one fell swoop on September, 11 2001…and have been foaming at the mouth with eagerness to continue their attacks on our soil ever since.

I recommend people inform themselves about ISIS and other Islamic fundamentalists.  Read their speeches, study their behavior, find out what they’re saying in their self-produced videos before forming an opinion regarding moving potentially hundreds of thousands of additional muslims from Syria into this country.  

It’s noteworthy that those politicians who most strongly encourage us to take in more refugees do not intend to live among them with their own families.  Our politicians live in well guarded, gated communities or tucked inside beautiful compounds constructed with imposing perimeter walls, alarms and surveillance cameras to protect them.  They have expertly trained security forces at their disposal twenty-four hours a day to make sure they aren’t the ones hurt if they make a miscalculation in who should be able to come here.  Notice, they’ve never once placed the refugees’ children in their own children’s classrooms at those exclusive private schools they attend.   They live in safe bubbles, happily insulated from negative ramifications of rolling out the welcome wagon.  

You and I don’t share in those luxuries.

They tell Americans who urge caution that we’re hard hearted although since 2010 we’ve welcomed 71% of the refugees that have come through the UN sanctioned program (they are included in a total of 2.2 million legal immigrants per year) We generously house, feed and educate them out of our tax dollars. 

 If we express worry about trying to assimilate people who prefer to live under Sharia not American law, we’re accused of being racist (even though muslim is not a race).  If we ask for different options, like helping the refugees closer to their own homes, we’re called selfish.  If we point out that there’s no possible way to vet those coming in from war-torn areas like Syria, and therefore we don’t want to take foolish chances admitting them, we are called hate-filled, hysterical, Islamaphobic, Nativist and Xenophobic.

I can live with that if I must.  What I can’t do is sit silently while ISIS and their fundamentalist brethren rampage across the earth; raping, enslaving, beheading, torturing, beating, drowning, burning alive, crucifying and displacing millions of their fellow human beings.  I also won’t support opening a door for potentially hundreds of thousands of additional muslims (refugees can eventually bring their extended families), whose backgrounds and history can’t be checked to be legally ushered into my country by officials who won’t bear the burden if they bet wrong when they’re passing out the golden tickets.

Politicians speak from positions of safety.  The rest of us are expected to shoulder the risk.  No thanks.  I consider it my duty to offer warning.  I owe at least that much to the innocent and defenseless, like that 19-year-old girl whose life was shattered by muslims who insist that they are behaving in accordance with their religion; a religion, they say, allows them to perpetrate what we Americans consider heinous, repellent, flagrant and utterly vile, criminal acts.  I don’t want people who think like that anywhere near me, my family or any of you…and I don’t want my government inviting them here on my behalf.

References (The things I write about are easily verifiable.  I encourage you to research these things for yourself, especially if you think I’m an alarmist).















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  1. Perhaps my thought is not totally in line with your excellent thoughts but I see it a little more broadly as well. Has anyone given thought these isolated politicians are allowing people to come into our land who live in an entire region who has been warring amongst themselves for centuries? And who is going to feed and house them??

    1. Who will feed and house them? You…and me…and the rest of the taxpayers (I guess our broke govt will borrow more for the cause). We can already see a foreshadowing of what’s to come here by watching the “refugees” in Europe. They fight among themselves all the time. They harass Christians mercilessly, they stalk and have been raping unaccompanied female refugees. It’s a horror all the way around. In Calis, they have been throwing away all the food/clothing that people have donated to them and are demanding cell phones (and faster wi fi). One charity there just stopped donating to them since they said 97% of them are single, young men…economic migrants rather than running from war. It’s crazy stuff.

  2. I checked up the figures, and Saudi Arabia takes no refugees ever, neither does China or Russia or Japan. In Europe a lot of people are getting really fed up with the whole thing. So many are obviously able bodied young men in search of a better life. So few of them may even be Syrians. Yesterday it was announced that Bosnians, Croatians, Eritreans and Ethiopians etc made up a sizeable percentage of the influx. It certainly can’t go on as it is doing, and there must be surely now be some risk of a right wing backlash. A lot of the Eastern members of the EC are by no means as fair minded and liberal as the Germans, French etc.

    1. It’s quite a mess, isn’t it? I’m deeply concerned for Europe…and obviously America. The muslims have a term…”Hijrah” which basically means conquest through immigration. That would explain why so many single, young, fit muslim men are streaming into Europe along with the magnet of generous benefits for those who arrive and can count on European governments to support them financially. I don’t see how the government will be able to sift through, identify and turn back those with a fundamentalist mindset. Believe me, fundamentalists aren’t going to give up their beliefs, which command them to see that everyone on earth comes to live under Sharia (or is killed or throughly subjugated). There is no room for “the other” in their ideology, no room for co-existence. Those not already obedient to Sharia are fair targets for rape, enslavement, murder, torture…whatever. These people are the people cutting off the heads of children and playing soccer with them among other atrocities in the Middle East. I strongly suggest that people not rely on what they think the muslim fundamentalists believe but that they educate themselves by reading their own words. Unwittingly helping usher them into the EU and America is a recipe for disaster.

  3. We are not a nation to leave others suffering in the cold, dark night. But we are a country that overwhelmingly elected Barack Hussein Obama as our president–twice. Elections do have consequences. Vladimir Putin is right to claim that Obama/Clinton created the Arab Spring which has produced so much human suffering. The American people produced Obama, who has done nothing at all good for suffering humanity. How do we as Americans reconcile this?

    1. That is correct. We are not a nation to leave others suffering in the cold, dark night, but look at the position our feckless politicians (via the pathetically uninformed voters) have put us in. We see that they are so incompetent (or something) that they cannot be trusted to protect the citizenry. As you know, they have deported Christians that have arrived here from the Middle East to seek help, and they keep denying nuns who are trying desperately to immigrate entrance into the United States. It’s sickening. However, they’re perfectly willing to put all of us at risk by importing hundreds of thousands of muslims who cannot be properly vetted according to our own intelligence community. It’s madness!

      I’m absolutely in favor of helping Christians (and members of other groups who can be vetted for our safety) who are being so mercilessly persecuted in the Middle East. I don’t, however, trust the government to sift out the fundamentalists among the muslims they wish to bring in as refugees.

      Reconcile? Heck, I don’t know…I have a couple of theories about why people voted for Obama. Elections DO have consequences, don’t they? We reap the whirlwind…

  4. Doc,

    Not sure I am totally on board with you here. If we are talking about allowing 200K refugees come over like those you documented who are victims of the worst that humanity has to offer, then I honestly don’t have a problem with it. We are a big nation with a big heart. There is room here along with the millions coming in over the southern borders.

    I am opposed to allowing single males between the ages of 18-29 who have nothing to live for into the nation. Not all of them are radical Muslims, but that is the danger zone and not worth the risk. 2 guys shut down DC in 2003. 10 guys terrorized Mumbai in 2008. What could 2000 (1% of 200K) committed, hardcore terrorists do? I don’t know but it scares me.

    I have always believed that 95% of the worlds population are good, descent people that just want to be left alone to live. 4% are trouble makers that find it difficult to follow societies rules. 1% are true evil and will use any means necessary to recruit the 4% into their world of evil. I have no problem with the 95%, I used to be one of the 4% and I hate the 1%.

    Best wishes,

    1. Glad you stopped by. I’m not sure we have any disagreement. Simply put, I do not trust this government to properly sift through the muslim refugees in order to determine which ones might adhere to a fundamentalist interpretation of Islam. Our intelligence community already stated that they CANNOT do so. I believe them. Therefore I do not want to bring them into the country (we can offer them help closer to home). I’m not willing to risk importing fundamentalists who think it’s just dandy to saw off a child’s head and play soccer with it or rape 5 year olds. I suppose that sounds mean to some…fine.

      I’m more than willing to help Christians (and some other groups being victimized by fundamentalists) who are being systematically slaughtered there. Those people, I welcome and would be willing to help re-settle here (I’m actively involved in this effort). They should have our support and help. Unfortunately, our government seems more interested in detaining and deporting those Christians who make it here but who do so outside of the refugee program (since they are not included in the official definition of a refugee…they get no official help although they are some of the most brutally oppressed victims of the fundamentalists). Our policy is flawed and I’m ashamed of our “leaders.”

  5. No one can “like” this post except to thank you for having posted it. The horror being perpetrated by these groups is beyond the realm.

    1. Yes, it really does defy even the most diabolical imagination. I can’t believe what’s going on in the Middle East…just wholesale slaughter, torture and destruction of those who oppose fundamental Islam. I’m extremely worried about the rather nonplussed attitude of our political class…both here and in large parts of Europe. These are dangerous times indeed. Thank you for stopping by!

  6. Completely agree Lynn. We are in serious danger of losing our Country due to political correctness and being afraid to call a spade a spade, or in this case radical Islamic Jihadists, terrorists. Our politicians either don’t care or are so ignorant of what the enemies intent truly is. Keep putting out the good word. Enjoy reading your posts.

    Robert Sent from my iPhone


    1. Thank you for writing. I’m very worried about what I see as a terribly dangerous juncture in our history. I think we’re in deep trouble. Your kind words are much appreciated! It’s not always easy going against the “status quo” so it’s nice to know there are others out there with similar concerns.

  7. This is a great blog, Dr. Lynn. Very germane to what’s going on in the world today and the possible dangers to millions of people. Thank you.

    1. I really appreciate the feedback. I’m deeply worried for our country and the safety of our citizens. It helps to write about it. Other than praying it’s one of the few things I can do about what I see as a dangerous situation.

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