Progress Photos – October 2015!

Happy October everybody!  On the 31st we’ll be celebrating Halloween, which is one of my favorite holidays to decorate for. I must admit, Halloween decorations went up at my house a couple of weeks ago.  I HAVE to put them up early….it’s for the CHILDREN!

In honor of Halloween month, here are progress photos of me in my costume.  I’m a Home Depot worker girl.  That bucket is my lunch pail!

orange bikini



19 responses

  1. I have a sudden urge to go to Home Depot now wheeeeew…what isle is Dr Lynn on again

    1. Artie to aisle 10 please! Lol…

      Hello there! Sure hope you’re doing well. I haven’t been to in a while so I don’t get to see you there (If you went back). I’m enjoying my outdoor workouts these days, it’s not quite so hot. Wishing you a great Thursday.

  2. Now if that bucket is filled with concrete…. 😉

    1. It’s filled with snacks! Happy Friday to you…wishing you a fantastic and relaxing weekend!

  3. That must be the chip bucket! You are, as usual, fantastic! My goal is to rock the suit as well as you can my beautiful spider monkey! Of course, I adore you!

    1. …and I adore you right back! Hope this week has treated you well. My little one has a football game this Saturday (early in the morning). That should be fun. He’s playing D back these days and really likes the position. Wishing you a lovely weekend!

  4. Home Depot worker girl? OMG! 🙂

    1. Isn’t that silly? I had to break out of my pattern. I’m almost always a witch…(on Halloween, I mean). Have a great weekend!

  5. Hope you have a wonderful, Blessed day Lynn

    1. Thank you so much! I wish the same for you. I have a very short trip to the mountains on the schedule. It’s just for overnight but it’ll still be nice. I’m looking forward to Thanksgiving when I’ll be able to take a longer trip. Have a great weekend!

  6. Sure…..only for the children 🎃

    I must admit I will never grow out of Halloween.

    1. Me either! Wishing you a great weekend!

    1. Let’s see…potato chips, pizza, fried chicken. Ha, ha…I DO eat those things when I really want them but try not to overstuff myself regularly with treats. Pretty awesome lunch bucket, don’t you think? I need something to carry all those Ruffles in!

  7. Halloween is one of my favorites, too (now). 🙂

  8. You look stunning and beautiful. Keep it up and Let’s Do This!!!!

    1. Yeah…Let’s do this! A very happy Friday to you. Thank you so much for the kind words. I sure hope things are going well both in and out of the gym. Wishing you the best weekend ever!

  9. if you worked at my Home depot I am sure I would own more tools than I do. LOL

    1. Ah…you made me laugh! Thanks for the sunshine! Have a great weekend.

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