Celebration Of Service Friday (#39)

I think about our veterans all the time and what it must be like trying to re-integrate into civilian society particularly when you are fresh out of the service.  I think it must be easier for some than others but I imagine nobody makes the transition without a few bumps.  I’ve read first person narratives and engaged in conversations where veterans described the move from military to civilian life as somewhat disorienting.  One of the specific things cited was a feeling of “not having important work to do anymore.”

While I don’t have anything to compare that feeling to, I can empathize from afar.  I know it’s a lot more complicated than just that one feeling and that it encompasses much more than I can understand. Beyond just saying “thank you” to our veterans I wish all of you in that weird “middle time” between worlds knew how much we still need you, want you and appreciate you.

81kx93KYuRL._SL1500_Of course, you’ve already done enough for your countrymen but many of you end up continuing to serve the public when you’re no longer in the military.  Some of you go into teaching, some into policing and firefighting, some of you volunteer at your children’s schools (we have Watchdads at our local elementary school and most are veterans).  Some of you take other jobs to hold house and home together but all of you have special skills honed by your years serving your country.  In this world, you never know what’s going to happen.  When the wolf comes knocking, it’s good to know that there are a few men out there who have the experience, skill and willingness to mount a defense.

Many of you are sheepdogs going into the service…and you’re sheepdogs, forged by fire, coming out.  You change your clothes but not that part of your mindset.  I for one, am delighted to know you’re out there walking among us…keeping watch…

There’s still plenty of important work to do.



3 responses

  1. Transition is tough, we are asked by the civilian workplace to lose our “military speak “, we have to change our complete identity in order to “fit in” because no one “understands” us. God forbid if any perspective employer finds out that we have PTSD…they can’t get us out of their facility fast enough, worried that we may snap. Some of my brothers and sisters even go so far as leaving military service off their resume. We get it, our world is different than yours, we just need the chance to prove how valuable we can be to employers.

    We are sheepdogs, we took an oath to defend our Constitution and the people of the United States. That doesn’t change once we leave the service…sleep well tonight, we have your six!

    1. You have my six? Lishie, stop with the sexy talk! Lol….

      I always thought that if I owned a business, I’d be looking for veterans to hire over anyone else…but alas, lil monkey has no jobs! If more people served, I know veterans would have a much easier time getting hired. There would be more familiarity with what military life is like and how much you have to offer.

      Wishing you a beautiful, blessed, wonderful day!

  2. “. . . not having important work to do anymore.” That says it all. Thank you for articulating that important thought.

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