Celebration Of Service Friday (#42)

…and so today the Obama administration officially declared that there will be special operations troops working on the ground in Syria.  I thought about our soldiers.  I thought about these last many years.  I wrote some most excellent, bitter lines, both cutting and true about our “leadership.”

Then I erased them because that’s not what I wanted to offer.

Instead, I will give better words; words that are not my own but are far more worthy.

I hold them as a shield and I find comfort in them…

For those of you going out there into the fray (and those who have already been)

Psalm 23



5 responses

  1. My time for that has past, but my brothers will be left with their hands tied by politicians thousands of miles away. They are both trained and ready, God Bless them and as always, you and people like you showing appreciation is very humbling to all of us ‘ground Pounders’.

  2. I have trouble commenting on this subject, being as we can’t seem to take care of our own – but we go in and risk the lives of our men for people who don’t even like us. [over and over and over – again]

  3. I ask for God’s protection of these fifty patriots; and I ask that God condemn the evil that is Barack Obama.

  4. Thank you Lynn. You are such a Blessing.

  5. Amen

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