I love going to the gym and I’ve developed some nice friendships there over the years.  Walking in is almost as familiar and comfortable as walking through my own front door.  I know everybody.  Not because I chat all the time but just because I’m there so often.  It’s a great feeling.

That’s why I make it a point to at least smile and say hello to new people when I see them.  I remember well when I first started lifting and how intimidated I felt in such unfamiliar surroundings.  These days, when I visit new gyms or workout in new places, I feel just fine.  I might not know anyone there but I do at least know how to use the equipment and how to improvise if I can’t find the exact things I’m looking for.  When I first started out, I didn’t know anything.  I didn’t know if I was doing the exercises properly or even what exercises I should be doing.

It’s easy to forget those first days.  Some people look out of the corner of their eyes at newbies who show up but it’s important to remember that we were once just starting out too.  A  welcoming gesture or kind word might be the tiny bit of encouragement that someone needs to have the confidence to return.  Wouldn’t it be wonderful be the person who helped set someone else on the road to good health and fitness?


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  1. Thanks Lynn,and your still as beautiful as ever.

    1. Hi! Thank you so much for the sweet words. I’m glad you stopped in to see me!

  2. I totally agree. Fitness is personal and sometimes a very scary experience for some. We should all encourage one another. Because, we are all there to achieve a healthy lifestyle.(Not all, but most).

    1. It really can be intimidating and scary to walk into a gym, especially if you’re a bit shy. I try to remember what it was like for me and then make sure to welcome new people I see. Glad you stopped by. Hope your workouts are going well!

  3. I think how a person acts at the gym speaks to what kind of person they are in life. I will ask someone about a exercise if it is not one I have seen before. When I was a ‘regular’ at my old gym, I loved seeing new people. Some people are very territorial about their gym, it is amusing. I treat people the same regardless, I figure that since I don’t like negatively in my life, why put it in the lives of other people.

    1. You treat people the same because you’re a wonderful person Lishie!

  4. Good word Lynn

  5. I belong to those old-fogey Silver Sneakers group… Haven’t really started yet. I’ve upped my time on my own tread mill and bike so I don’t look in too bad a condition when I walk in the gym for the first time!!! But you make it sound better than I’m picturing it!

    1. Jump in! The water’s fine! It is a little disconcerting to walk through those doors the first couple of times but I bet you’ll love it once you get your bearings. Silver Sneakers groups can be tons of fun. They had a group at my old gym and those ladies had a ball!

  6. So your kind of like Norm at Cheers? Do you have your own bar bell?

    1. Ha…I don’t have my own barbell BUT at most gyms that I end up going to for a long time, I end up moving things around to suit me. For instance, in one of my old gyms, they kept the steps for the aerobic classes upstairs but I wanted to use one of them downstairs on a regular basis. I would just prop it up against the wall down there when I was done and everyone knew it was “mine.” Nobody bothered it, not even the cleaning staff. It was always there waiting for me! Norm…I always liked that character. I used to watch Cheers with my mom…good memories!

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