Veteran’s Day – 2015

To our veterans,

I think about you and appreciate you every day, not just on November 11th each year.  I wrote a little piece a couple of years ago that I’ll re-print here….everything I was feeling in 2012 and everything I expressed at that time extends to today.

american-flag-backgroundI’m not always terribly eloquent.  That being said, I wanted to offer some words in honor of Veteran’s Day.  The words are something like “thank you” but better, more powerful, more meaningful and much less often used.  I have a deep love and appreciation for my country and the philosophical foundation it rests on. By extension, I carry a profound gratitude for those who have risked everything to fight for, win and keep those ideals alive, for themselves, their families and all the rest of us.  The battles have been many and terrible and yet each generation has had a small group who took the mantle from their predecessors and who sallied forth when the call was sounded.  It’s our warriors who have done the lion’s share of the work.  It’s our warriors with their willing hearts and spirits who’ve gone forward, at great cost to themselves, who’ve assured that the light of liberty, freedom and self-determination still shines in the world of men.

Wishing all of our veterans and active duty military members a blessed and beautiful day…


7 responses

  1. Thank you Lynn.

  2. Thanks Doc! You are the best.

  3. Thank you for all you do in support of us!!!

    1. Hi Lishie! Hope you’re having a lovely Friday!

  4. Happy Veterans Day, Lynn. It’s a wonderful tribute to our troops here. (not eloquent you say? Pshaw!!)

  5. Happy Veterans Day!!!

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