Celebration Of Service Friday (#44)

This is Marine Corps veteran James Erickson expressing his opinion on the Million Student March.  The students were marching for a $15.00 per hour minimum wage, safe spaces (whatever that means…a place without any variety of opinion, I guess) and free tuition.


My dad got through part of his schooling on the GI bill.  He became a physician after decades of effort. He always used to tell me that “There’s no such thing as a free lunch.”

Some people spend their time whining and some spend their time working.  I’ll bet you can guess who’s always going to be more successful.


“You want it?  You work for it!” (my Dad).


3 responses

  1. Great post.Thank you Lynn.

  2. Your father and my father had much in common, including military service, G.I. Bill education, and valuing hard work. Being “safe” from criticism or diversity of ideas never crossed their minds. They had no expectation of entitlement. They don’t make guys like that anymore.

    1. They were really quite special!

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