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flag2I keep hearing speculation that a Paris like attack may happen on American soil sometime in the near future.  It would be wise to expect it.  Islamic fundamentalists killed almost 3,000 of our citizens on September 11, 2001 and there have been many smaller scale attacks in the United States since.  There’s no reason to think that they will stop.  

My friends, as I’ve told you before, Islamic fundamentalists have declared war on you.  Recently, they promised to hide among the masses of muslim refugees flooding into Europe and, true to their word, they did just that.  Two of the attackers in France were fresh off the boats…compassionately rescued and brought into the bosom of Europe by the political class and greeted by citizens holding “Welcome Refugee” signs at points of entry.   

A few of these supposedly vetted refugees were just ushered into the United States (New Orleans) over the weekend with many more on the way.  It’s already been established that it’s impossible to actually background check those coming from war-torn Syria.  This movement of people is being orchestrated with the blessing of Barack Obama and John Kerry, among others.  The mayors of cities like Baltimore, New York, Pittsburgh, Hartford and St. Louis were recently calling for refugees to be placed there (federal money comes with them) while Catholic Charities, Lutheran organizations and various other welcoming agents are also getting paid with your tax dollars to facilitate these compassionate re-settlement efforts.  


If you’re happy to go along with the program, I posit that your compassion is being used as a weapon against you.  The Islamic fundamentalists who have declared war on you do not think like you do.  It’s literally a fatal mistake to think that they do.  It’s an example of western hubris of the highest order.  The assumption that everyone shares your desire for peace, for a better life on Earth, for love and kindness for all, is engaging in critically flawed thinking. 

You see your compassion as a commendable.  They see it as weakness.  They see capitulation and provocation for more attacks against you.  When the French artist created the Eiffel Tower peace symbol and it was splashed all over as a kind of “logo” of the French response, it signaled surrender.  Think about it from the point of view of those who are engaged against you.  They explode your citizens in showers of blood.  They slaughter your women and children in front of your eyes…and you throw up a peace sign.  It’s a moronic response.  It’s also predictable behavior from those who don’t understand what forces are at play.

Islamic fundamentalists broadcast their intentions, their methodology and their motivation.  They scream it from the rooftops and yet the sycophants in western media, and politicians steadfastly refuse to report it or consider it as they plow forth with their platitudes and move on their plans to bring people who can’t be thoroughly screened into our countries.

You’d better do what you can to stop this.  Write letters, protest, put pressure on your representatives.  You’d better find your fighting spirit or you might just find pieces of your beloved babies scattered about…just like the mothers found inside the school in Pakistan last year after it was attacked by Islamic fundamentalists.  Your children are absolutely fair game in their eyes.

You are in a war.

It doesn’t matter if you acknowledge it or not.  It doesn’t matter if you draw peace signs.

Shall I say it again?

You are in a war…and in this war, your enemy has declared that non-combatants don’t exist.  Those who have set themselves against you have no use for your compassionate western notion of “exclusion of innocents” in a fight.  To the Islamic fundamentalists, anyone whose beliefs vary with theirs is not only guilty, but deserving of death.

I have a great deal of compassion.  I have compassion for my children.  I have compassion for the kids two doors down, across the street and two states over, therefore, I strenuously object to the continuance of the refugee resettlement program. Not only shouldn’t these refugees be placed in the United States, we should gain control of our border so those who wish us harm can’t simply walk into our country.  We need to be much more vigilant and watchful for those Islamic fundamentalists who are undoubtably already here, whether homegrown or foreign-born.

Every day that dawns, they promise to kill us.

We are under attack.  We should start acting like it.

Mayors Of Eighteen U.S. Cities Tell Obama They Are Ready To Take More Syrian Refugees


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  1. Check out my friends at, they’re doing compassion well.

  2. Exactly Lynn,& if their Senator or congressman doesn’t respond accordingly ,they should demand they step down! Thank you Lynn.

  3. Maybe this is part of his plan to fundamentally change our country. This is a very bad idea and I pray that we can stop the terrorists before they do more damage to Americans! It is encouraging that a lot of states are accepting bribe money to accept “refugees”. Read an article yesterday that said out of all t h e Syrian refugees coming to the U.S., only 58 were Christian, and those are the ones that we should be accepting because of what is happening to them.

    1. Oops, *not* accepting bribe money from the government

    2. It most certainly is part of his plan. He hates America (in my humble opinion). Not letting Christians in is par for the course for this administration. He has nothing but contempt for Christianity and only uses it as a mask for his own purposes. One of the reasons there are so few Christians included in the refugee population is that in order to get into the UN program you have to go to a UN refugee center. The Christians won’t go because they are harassed mercilessly in those camps. Yes, these same “safe” muslims that are coming over tend to see Christians (and of course Jewish people) as deserving of…well…anything between shunning and death. Christians are, of course, the people we should be most concerned with since they are suffering most terribly. Do you know there’s also another problem getting them in. According the the UN guidelines (not sure if they’ve changed recently) they are not actually considered refugees since they are not being targeted by the official government of Syria. ISIS atrocities don’t count since Assad isn’t responsible. It’s a mess but I think it’s by design. There are those who would be quite comfortable if all Christians were eradicated in the Middle East (and elsewhere too).

  4. I have to agree. I am totally opposed to this resettlement program. I don’t see any way of vetting these refugees. The multitudes of innocent are, unfortunately, acting a shield for terrorists who do not care who they kill. I fear Paris is only the beginning.

    1. We are living in dangerous times. I’m not at all confident that we will come out unscathed. Every time we signal weakness they are emboldened and gain more supporters. Sadly, we (our government representatives) do that all the time…

      I’m very glad you stopped by and left a comment. I hope you’re having a good week so far. Wishing you a lovely afternoon!

  5. Well said.

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  6. very well written post.

  7. I agree with everything you wrote, Dr. Lynn. In our nation, we are taught to be “nice.” Christians try to live the Golden Rule. It is difficult to imagine that someone wants to kill you because you are not Muslim. That is jihad. We don’t have a reciprocal response because we don’t think like that. There seems to be a common attitude these days that tolerance is the highest virtue. I’m okay, you’re okay. All religions are equal, just different ways to know God. But the Islamic terrorists, as you so clearly explain, do not think that way at all. If we recall another era, would these folks say that Hitler believes in killing Jews (and others not part of the Master Race of Aryans) but he is entitled to his beliefs? And were his actions “okay?” Of course not. At least Nazis could be identified as opponents in battle. The terrorists kill children. They don’t follow our rules. Thanks for reminding us about that.

    1. It took me a long time to start to understand the motivation of the Islamic fundamentalist groups around the globe. I spent about a year of serious study (and I still do a lot of research and digging) in an effort to come to grips with their ideology. It runs so counter to our own. I probably wouldn’t have believed anyone who told me what I now know as I was beginning my quest. It would have seemed impossible to me that large numbers of people could really hold the ideas that they do. It’s been an eye-opening journey but one I undertook because I couldn’t make sense of what these people had against me (our country) and why they were always attacking what we deem innocent people.

      Delighted that you stopped by and thank you for the comment. You hit the nail on the head…the idea that “all religions are equal, just different ways to know God” is a common belief in the western world in particular. I had to really work to help my older son come to a deeper understanding of what we are actually facing (what we teach vs what they teach). He thought I was being ridiculous and mean in the things I said until I insisted he read the words in their religious texts and showed him the speeches and writings of various Imams and Islamic authorities. Add to that the daily video postings and instructions of groups like ISIS and Boko Haram and it starts to become much clearer. If we don’t understand them we can’t counter them. We’ll always make the wrong moves.

      Wishing you a lovely afternoon…

      1. That was being a good parent to show your son the actual teachings of Islam. It is difficult to grasp that a religion teaches killing non-believers.

    2. Oh…and thank you so much for the reblog. That’s a wonderful compliment!

  8. Spot on Dr. Lynn. Human beings in the ‘civilized’ nations have become far removed from reality that we have become complacent to the real dangers lurking in the world. In nature, survival of the fittest is king and dictates who will survive and who will not. In the name of compassion and understanding their fellow human beings, liberals and progressives seem to have lost their ability for rational, logical thought. Instead, they do what they believe is right without fully considering the consequences of their actions.

    1. Hi! Glad you stopped by. Thank you for the comment. Hope your week is going well so far! Wishing you a wonderful day!

  9. Sadly, you are right. These people are racists, who do not hesitate to destroy everything outside their own belief system. Don’t fall into the trap, though, of thinking that these crazies are all Muslims. I have taught many, many Muslim boys over the years, and they are no different, no better, no worse, than any other teenager.

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