Before and After


If you check into bodybuilding or fitness sites now and then, you know you’ve seen posts just like this.  OK…probably not quite so dramatic but this reminded me of a few photos I’ve run across where people were clearly trying to fake their results.

The good news is, nobody has to fake it!  With a little grit and effort you can actually have fantastic results and it feels much better to have real improvement than it does when you know you haven’t done anything except misrepresent your progress.


7 responses

  1. haha! That’s quite a before and after photo. It’s all about hard work! That’s when you get the most satisfaction – and best results. Thanks for sharing!


  2. My beautiful spider monkey, how in the world did you get a picture of me on the beach? I thought I had gotten rid of all of them! I make that beach look good huh? That is my “bulking phase “.

    1. That’s not my pretty Lishie! Bulking…that’s funny!

  3. Well said! After a while photoshop isn’t necessary.

  4. Haha! This is awesome.

  5. How on earth did you get a picture of me in 2008? Mind you, you did catch my good side!

    1. Ha….you made me laugh. At least that guy looks like he’s having fun! I always feel happy at the beach too…

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