Fellow Bloggers – Please Read!


The other day I was writing a note to a friend who was interested in losing weight. I wanted to send him a link to a blog entry I had posted on Bodybuilding.com that detailed the nutritional plan I stick to.  I had written it a few years back because so many people were curious about what I was eating and how I maintained my weight over the years.  After I re-created basically the same response so many times, I decided to just write it down on the blog so that I could easily reference it and direct people to the information.

I discovered that without any warning Bodybuilding.com discontinued their blog platform a month ago.  All my blog entries (and everybody else’s) were deleted.  I was annoyed, but not upset the way I would have been if I hadn’t kept a hard copy of everything I’d written there over the years.

You never know what might happen in cyberspace.  It’s always possible that your blog might be compromised or disappear entirely.  Please make sure you back up your work.  I submit to you that it’s worth keeping.  A tiny bit of effort now might save angst later.

I have many blogs I enjoy reading immensely and I always hope the authors are saving their work off-line somewhere.

How do I do it?


A few of my books. The one on the left is the type without a dust cover. They print directly onto the book. The other three have formal dust covers and the photos are placed on that outside covering.


I use a blog-to-book company.  There are several (you can google them) that specialize in taking blogs off platforms like WordPress and putting them into a book that you can keep.  The one I use is called blog2print.  It’s easy to use and they have a variety of types of books you can bind your entries into.  You can pick a hardback version with or without a dust cover.  A less expensive option is a soft bound book.  You can import the entire blog or just some entries.  You can design the cover and the way the photos are laid out inside (if your blog has photos).  The quality of the books is very nice and it’s easy to do.


Inside the front cover…you can add a dedication if you like.


An example of what the books look like inside. You can pick how large or small the photos will be. Some blogs are photo heavy and some have hardly any. If the photos are important to you can can make them very large. Mine are medium sized so you can see that they show up very well.

I make a book at the end of each year.   It’s great to have a hard copy of what’s on your blog site.  My kids look through them now and then and if they’re anything like me, they’ll grow to appreciate them over the years.  I wish my parents had written more of their thoughts down.  They weren’t writers but especially now that they’ve passed on, it would be such treat to have some of their opinions, observations and musings in book form.  Even if you think nobody will ever want to read what you’ve written in the future, what’s the harm?  You might be right…but you might be wrong!





7 responses

  1. Never knew there was a service geared towards “blog to print” books. Thanks!

    1. Yes, I recommend trying to preserve your writing for your kids. They’re going to want to see it years from now. Plus, they’re the subject of a lot of your posts. I always worry that our blogs will just disappear in some sort of technical glitch. I feel a lot more secure having a good “hard copy.”

  2. Thanks for the info, Lynn!

  3. Thanks a lot for the heads up, Doctor Lynn. I will definitely look into this.

    1. It’s a good idea to preserve your writing in any way at all but the books make a great way to keep it all in one place. They’re lovely…of course, I’m a bibliophile so creating books is right up my alley.

  4. great ideas and thank you for the reminder. I haven’t backed up my stuff in a while and needed to do that. 🙂 You’re very sweet.

    1. Hi! Long ago I had a computer crash and I lost a bunch of photos. I try to remember to make sure everything (writing, photos) is backed up now but I do still get behind now and then. The disappearing blog on Bodybuilding.com was a great reminder.

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