Celebration Of Service Friday (#48)

I found a pretty cool photo/meme that I liked but something was wrong with it.  I have gratitude for the efforts of all our troops and troops are people not things…so I fixed it.

I like my version much better!




3 responses

  1. I wonder if you (and others) realize how proud we airmen, sailors, soldiers, and Marines are to defend citizens such as yourself. I suspect you don’t know, but keeping our fellow Americans safe is what drives us to the sound of hostile fire.

    I know that Democrats are big on platitudes, but I doubt that any Democrat truly appreciates our servicemen and women. If they did, they would never have elected this president. We will see that Obama will end up being indirectly responsible for the deaths of many, many Americans. There are lots of ways to express our love for our troops; Obama’s behavior is not one of them.

    1. What a nice note. The first part put a smile on my face. The second part…I agree with!
      It’s starting to feel a lot like Christmas around these parts. It’s a cool and pretty day. Perhaps I’ll build a fire later, read a book and sip some tea. It seems like it’s going to be the perfect afternoon for that. I’m sure I can ignore the sound of video game gun fire from downstairs once the boys get home from school. Ha! I always let them have a half hour of play around time before they tackle homework at the end of the school day. I often hear explosions etc. during that period of time…

  2. Much better! It’s so important to recognize the people, and not some abstract ‘thing’. They are heroes.

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