Healthy Cooking

When trying to get or keep in shape, it’s of the upmost importance to stick to a healthy eating plan.  There’s nothing I love witnessing more than fitness enthusiasts busying themselves in the kitchen, making nutritious, delicious meals.  Watching them cook kinda makes your mouth water, dontcha think?









Yep!  Seeing them at work sure inspires me to want to eat healthy!



12 responses

  1. My mouth isn’t watering (or drooling) at the site of these guys, 😀 but I definitely recognize the hard work and commitment they ALL make both in the gym and in the kitchen. Good health (including good bodies) requires enormous discipline. These guys are great examples of what can be accomplished if one sets their mind to it.
    Hopefully their cooking habits will STIMULATE a good healthy response from all your readers! 🙂

  2. Lol I bet it does good one.

    1. Hi and happy Monday to you. Glad you stopped by! I had a lovely time this weekend eating lots of yummy food and watching football. I love this time of year! Hope all is well in your neck of the woods. Sending you wishes for great workouts and wonderful days…

  3. Why thanks a lot! I’m thoroughly depressed now and will commence eating a box of twix. 😀

    1. No, no…put down the Twix! I have a much better idea. Go to the kitchen and start rattling the pots and pans. Preparing delicious and nutritious food makes a man INSTANTLY sexy!

      1. Not to mention a nice apron. 😉 I’m on a ten day smoothie cleanse, then back to cooking.

      2. I SHOULD be on a smoothie cleanse judging from the amount of food I consumed yesterday while watching football. Just how many potato chips can you eat before you explode? I’ll bet I was right on the borderline….

      3. I firmly believe in the Lay’s commercial – I can’t just have one! LOL. This is my first cleanse ever. I hope that I have the willpower to last.

      4. You can do it! I’ve never done one so I’m interested in how it goes and your results.

      5. Day two is tough so far! Gawd. 8 more days? lol I’ll be sure to let you know my results…or failures…at the end of this.

  4. Love that last line of yours, Lynn! Which one you having dinner with first?

    1. Happy Monday! I’m not sure which one to have dinner with first….so many lovely choices!

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