The World’s Best Exercise…

The world’s best exercise, is the exercise you’ll do!

Yesterday I was watching football and during one of the commercials I decided to do some crunches.  I was in the middle of my second set of 100 when my older son said he had a much better exercise for abs and he was going to show me how to do it.  He got down on the floor and demonstrated for me.  I’d never seen the exercise before and gave it a try.  It felt awful.  It pulled my neck and twisted my back in a way that I found uncomfortable.  I finished training abs my way and got back on the couch.

I started thinking about the number of times I’ve been involved in conversations like that.  We have a group of friends who don’t regularly engage in any kind of exercise.  They know I’m interested in fitness so occasionally bring up the topic.  They are remarkably opinionated regarding “great exercises” or “fantastic programs” for people who don’t actually do much of anything fitness related.  I usually end up only listening with half an ear since I prefer to take advice offered by those who are practicing what they preach.

What I know is that ANY exercise you do is superior to any exercise you don’t do.

I’m not interested in training my abs in the way my son suggested.  It’s not comfortable so I don’t care how effective it might be, I’m not going to do it.  I do like discovering new ways to challenge myself but I make sure that the things I pick are things I’ll actually do.  It doesn’t matter if you’ve discovered the perfect program if you don’t put it into practice.

Choose exercises you’ll stick with.  That’s where you’ll find results and lasting success.


This is an effective exercise and some people love it (Turkish get up). I don’t like doing it so it definitely won’t make it into my rotation!



4 responses

  1. Similar to an eating style. It won’t work if you’re unwilling to stick with it on a regular basis.
    Finding new exercises breaks up monotony, however, the exercise must be safe and effective. I completely agree with you.

  2. You are so right about “any exercise”. I am recovering from an operation, and I don’t do much, but I try to do as much as I can.

    1. That’s the key. You just do what you can when you can. There’s no sense trying to do exercises you despise since you’ll never keep a commitment to doing them. People think you have to suffer to get fit. It’s true you might be a little uncomfortable from time to time but I’m a big believer in exercising and eating in a way that’s sustainable over the long haul.

  3. Yeah. I don’t see me doing that one. Maybe if I swap out the weights with a guitar. Until then, it’s cardio city for me.

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