Celebration Of Service (1-19-16)

“Gold is good in it’s place but living, brave, patriotic men are better than gold.”

(Abraham Lincoln)

Army pinup

*A throwback photo from years ago!  I don’t think I ever published this one. It’s what I call a SOHR picture (sense of humor required).  Yep, been having fun with military tribute themes for a long time…

Can you see me now?!?


18 responses

  1. Since I’ve started a new blog, I get to ‘like’ all of these posts again! 😀

    1. ….and I love and appreciate it! Thank you!

  2. Wow! I can’t help but think that this would help with recruitment. 🙂


    I absolutely love that photo. I’m digging the boots too. Funny, I have been wanting some combat soft leather boots to do my badarse weight training:0)) My photos in my gallery range from 3 to 8 years. I need to do another fitness shoot but God will allow it in His timing.
    Continued blessings, Emma

    1. Thank you! Those boots are nice for stomping around in…not too stiff to be comfortable. You have some lovely photos in your gallery. I have a friend who is a photographer and I’m going to see if he’ll help me develop one of my ideas for a photo or two. Most of my photos are selfies and I like them just fine but it’s nice to have professional help to really make an idea come to life. I don’t know anything about lighting, positioning etc. I just set the timer on my camera, run in front of it, strike a pose and hope for the best!

      Glad you stopped by. Wishing you a wonderful afternoon!


        That’s awesome. I use to do selfies and sometimes do on here. My photos were all done by an amateur, my gay nephew and a Olympus camera.
        Thanks for the compliment.

        I love doing shoots with theme. I’m sure yours are going to turn out great! :O) Hugs

  4. I’ll bet you’d see a different response if that was me in the picture. 😀 I love anything that puts a smile on people’s faces. This certainly put a smile on mine. Cute posting!

    1. Glad you liked that one. I think I might be a ham. I love posting my silly photos especially those that support our very hard working military men. Wishing you a wonderful afternoon!

  5. Quick! Someone hit me in the chest. My heart stopped.

    1. Aw…glad you liked that one. My older boy dragged that camo net home one day after playing in the hills behind our house. The ROTC program had been running drills up there and left it behind. It gave me the idea for the photo. Happy Wednesday to you!

    2. Can I without fear of getting leveled with your pinky?

  6. Love this

    1. Thanks so much. Glad you stopped by!

  7. “Never wear shoes or boots without socks”, my Mum used to say.

    1. Your mom was a wise woman!

  8. Too cute Lynn

    1. Thank you Mess! Happy Wednesday!

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