A Little Levity


…but I sure enjoyed those chips while I was eating them!



11 responses

  1. The thing is… betcha can’t eat just one!

    1. No way! Chips are my weakness. I love them…all of them…tortilla, potato, bagel, pita. They’re irresistible to me!

  2. Terrible , if our POTUS had his way this would be happening here.

    1. Yes it would. As it is, I think they’re sneaking in over our border. Prayer rugs and other indications have been found at crossing points and there are reports that they have been paying the cartels to help them make it across.

  3. I really enjoy your sense of humor Lynn

  4. I’m afraid of food with zero calories! What’s in them?

    1. Air. Lol….it’s only fantasy food…

  5. Calories in food is NOT the problem; it’s the CONSUMPTION of the calories that seems to be the root of all evil! 😀 😀

    I enjoy your humor!!

    1. Yep, that’s certainly correct. I keep reminding people that the quality of the calories matters too. Eating 150 calories worth of Kit Kat bars and 150 calories of lean chicken isn’t the same at all…

      1. Absolutely. 150 calories of Kit Kat bars create facial expressions of fantasy whereas 150 calories of lean chicken create healthy lean bodies with annoyed facial expressions as they watch others indulge in “pathological” eating. 😀 I’m only kidding. I wouldn’t trade my healthy lifestyle for anything!

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