Importing Trouble

This is one of my off topic posts.  I’ll always give you a warning when I go off the beaten path, since it’s a pet peeve of mine when other writers do it to me.  If you just like the gym stuff, skip this and I’ll be back on track next time…

*This video is in German but you can read the transcript of what’s being said directly below it.


Hello, you can read the newspapers but this video is about the real situation in Germany. I would like to tell everyone about this on Youtube and Facebook. I am almost 16. I would like everyone to know what is going on, what I am authentically feeling at this moment.

And I am so scared everywhere. For example, if my family and I go out together, or if I see a movie with my friends. Usually, I stay at home, but sometimes I stay out until 6 pm in winter, and it is so scary. It is just very hard to live day-to-day life as a woman.

I just want to say that I am not a racist. But one day, a terrible thing happened at the supermarket. I ran all the way home. I was so frightened for my life. There’s no other way to describe it.

My aunt and her friend have said you have to grow up. Why should we, children, have to grow up in such fear? It’s not just me, my friends too. You can see on Facebook, a 17-year-old attacked, a 15-year-old attacked, two 12-year olds attacked, so many. It is really so sad that this is happening … because of YOU PEOPLE. 😦

I cannot understand why they do this. But more importantly, I cannot understand why Germany is doing nothing! Why is Germany standing by, watching, and then doing nothing? Please explain, why. Men of Germany, these people are killing your children, they are killing your women. We need your protection. We are so scared, we don’t want to be frightened to go to the grocery store alone after sunset. The politicians live alone in their villas, drink their cocktails, and do nothing. They do nothing! I do not know what world they live in, but please, people, please help us! Please, do something! I cannot understand why this is happening. One day, my friend and I were walking down the street, and a group of Arabs were protesting and demonstrating. They shouted, “Allah! Allah! Allah is the one God! Kill those infidels! Allah! Allah!” What should I do? Should I wear a burka? Why should I have to convert to Islam?

It’s fine if you believe in Allah, but why do you want to make everyone else believe in Allah too? I just think it would be better if there were no religion. Stop trying to make everyone else believe in your God when they do not want to.

Please, people of Germany. Do something!

When I try to tell the authorities about what has happened, they hold their hand up towards me and they say it is a problem and then ignore it. and they laugh. It is unfair. They laugh at us. They say we are dumb. They think this not only of me but of the entire state of Germany. They don’t care about our fear. Please help us. This is an emergency! There are more and more of them.

One time in summer, the Muslims said we were sluts for walking outside in a t-shirt.

Yes, we were wearing t-shirts. It’s summer!

Another day, I was wearing this. My friend and I purchased it while shopping. If we feel like wearing it, we will wear it! And you Muslims have no right to physically assault or rape us for it! God willing, never in my life. You have no right to attack us because we are wearing t-shirts. You also have no right to rape.

The life of Germany has changed because these people cannot integrate. We give them so much help. We support them financially and they do not have to work. But they only want more babies and more welfare and more money. Men of Germany, please, patrol the streets and protect us. Do this for your women and your children. If you do that, I believe that we will have a chance.

This sort of action would be wonderful. We would be so grateful and thankful. So many thanks, if steadily, more men would come to protect us. We are so scared.

I am so upset about what Merkel has done.

Thank you, Angela Merkel, for killing Germany! I have no more respect for you, Merkel. I do not think you know what you have done. You do not see how our lives have changed. Open your eyes! Is this normal? Should I, a 16-year old who is almost 17, be so scared to walk outside my house? No, it is not normal. You have killed Germany!

This is the truth. We are no longer allowed to walk outside. We are no longer allowed to wear our clothes. We are no longer allowed to live the German life. This is the sad truth.

I think it’s about time to end this video. I believe I have given a full account from a normal person. I hope others can see this and understand.

I only want to end with one message: Men, please, help your women. Help your children. I am so scared. My friends have the same fear. We are shocked that this has happened. I hope this video can convince you, and that these terrible events can stop.

Here you have a terrified, 16 year old German girl begging German men for protection from the North African and Middle Eastern men that Angela Merkel recently encouraged to come make a home in EU countries.  These fresh, new residents, many of whom have settled in Germany are primarily poorly educated, unattached, young men who were strong and persistent enough to make the long journey from their various countries of origin (Syria, Pakistan, Afghanistan, Somalia, Eritrea, Iraq etc.) into this young woman’s homeland.  

Migrants Cross Into Slovenia

Invited into Europe by Merkel et al…photo taken October 21, 2015 in Dobova, Slovenia. This mass march of men across Europe continues day after day unabated.

Most arrive on European shores from countries where their own women are seen as little more than chattel, functioning as child bearers but having no standing in their communities to make decisions or guide their own lives.  Many are used to living in Sharia-compliant areas, where those outside their communities are considered kafir trash; the women, little more than whores to be used as they see fit. 

In their view, unaccompanied women and women not properly covered (in this girls instance wearing a t-shirt or other standard western dress) are asking to be robbed, aggressively groped and/or raped.   In their minds they richly deserve it.  First and foremost because of their kafir status and further for “flaunting” themselves.

Welcome to the new normal…the inevitable clash of culture between vast numbers of these Islamic men and western sensibilities.  The recent sexual misconduct by up to 1,000 muslim men in Cologne is just the beginning.  You would think that the horrors in Rotherham, England and the well documented, astronomical number of rapes in Sweden committed by “migrant” men would have been a tip-off to Ms. Merkel that trying to incorporate a million of these men in a single year into German culture might present problems.  

Europe is in a world of hurt. In Norway they’ve become so desperate to try and stop sexual aggression by these men that they’re holding classes to teach them that rape is not acceptable.  Good luck. Their ideology fully supports their contention that it is and if you care to look, you can see rape and sexual slavery used as a weapon (and reward) in Islamic inspired aggression against those outside their circle for the past 1,400 years.  If it seems too laborious to investigate the distant past, you need look no further than the detailed, official rules regarding the treatment of captive women that ISIS issued a couple of months ago.  The guidelines use Islamic law to clarify exactly how it’s permissible to use the women they’ve enslaved. Keep in mind that many of the “women” are actually children…some younger than 6 years old.

Now you have young women in Germany afraid to go out, and instead of dealing swiftly and firmly with the lawlessness of recently arrived, foreign men, you have politicians like Henriette Reker, the Mayor of Cologne, telling German women to change their own behavior in order to avoid cultural misunderstandings.  Similarly, a group of German parents were recently warned not to allow their girls to wear skirts to school since they had placed a Syrian migrant center nearby.  Apparently the thinking by those in authority is that all will be well as long as the Germans bow to Sharia rules.


The vast majority arrivals into Europe are unattached males, not families. Women and children are underrepresented in the masses of people who are coming.

Anyone familiar with a tiny amount of history knew what was going to happen when a massive influx of young, muslim males, from poverty stricken backgrounds marched into Germany.  It was obvious that their mindset and actions would result in increased incidents and calls from frightened women for their men to protect them.  Many men won’t because they’ve been feminized and intimidated to the point of uselessness. I suspect those will represent the majority.  They’ll wring their hands and despair while their sisters, mothers and daughters are attacked.  However, some will answer the call.  A few men will still feel the instinct to protect their own and to punish and repel those who wish them harm. These are the men who will reach their limits and take matters into their own hands knowing the government and police have abandoned their job to protect them.

And then what will happen?  

I predict the German men who fight back will be vilified.  Stretched to the end of patience, they will act.  When meting out street justice, there are, inevitably, innocent people who suffer.  Infuriated people who feel backed into a corner tend to lack calculated, tactical, surgical responses. There will be incidents of muslims being hurt who have had nothing to do with aggression toward women or other undesirable behaviors. Therefore, the predictable reactions of those German men will give the politicians the very stick to beat them with.  They will be held up as violent extremists, terrorists, xenophobes, racists and they will, of course, be called Nazis.  They will be hunted by their own government.  Merkel’s forces will try to crush them using the press and the courts. There will be ongoing unrest.  Those who band together against the migrant hordes will be fighting on two fronts. They’ll be defending themselves (and their women) from the influx of predatory men who’ve massed in Europe from all over the world, to take advantage of weak immigration practices and generous welfare benefits and they will also be forced to face a hostile, native government that has already demonstrated they will take the side of the new arrivals over their citizens. 

What turns itself over in my mind is not the question of the migrant men’s behavior when they get to Europe. It’s the bizarre welcome extended to them by Merkel and other European politicians and their refusal to move quickly to remedy the situation.   They had to know internal unrest would be the result. Therefore, I can only conclude that they want turmoil for purposes of their own.

Why, I cannot fathom.  Is it because it’s easier to rule a diluted and troubled citizenry?  Does it take the people’s attention off destructive economic policies of western countries and therefore free the politicians from being held accountable? Are the oil rich muslim-majority nations buying the political class in western nations in order to facilitate hijrah (migration for the cause of Allah…jihad by immigration)?  Have our politicians fallen for the idea that these young men can be used to provide cheap labor as a bulwark against failing economies?  Are they infected by a pathological altruism? Is there an “order out of chaos” scenario being put into motion?  Perhaps it’s a combination of things.

I do know that massive legal and illegal immigration into western cultures has increased dramatically and simultaneously.   I don’t think it’s a coincidence. The shiny, new Obama-Ryan budget allows at least 300,000 more muslim migrants into the country shortly (each with multiple family members to follow).  Remember, the FBI and our security agents have already said they cannot vet all of these people.  There’s no way to separate people peacefully seeking a better life, who are eager to adopt our views of proper conduct including behavior toward women from those who will stubbornly stick to their own cultural norms or even from those who are absolutely hell-bent on our destruction.

European women (grown ups and children alike) are in increased danger from current immigration policies and so too will be the daughters of America if we continue allowing our politicians to have their way flooding our nations with young men who do not share our values and do not wish to assimilate when they arrive.

We need to stop the madness of importing people who do not understand or appreciate our way of life.  There are ways to help refugee populations closer to their own countries but for unfathomable reasons, our politicians insist we do so on this nation’s soil.  We don’t yet have the severity of problems that Germany and the rest of Europe is experiencing BUT we most certainly will if we keep on the same path.  Now is the time to demand elected officials serve the interests of Americans and stop bringing sure trouble to our shores.  I don’t want to facilitate conditions that will have a young, American girl feeling compelled to make a video literally begging someone to stand up for her.

Europe is an object lesson in what not to do.  It’s far easier to keep troubles like this at arms length than it is to foment chaos and destruction in your own culture by willfully bringing people who embrace an incompatible ideology into your country and just hoping it all works out one day.




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  1. I agree totally with your feelings, Doc. As a prime example of a reason why “they” should not be allowed in happened in Tokyo. Two “refugees” – and only a handful were allowed in by the Japanese government – attacked and raped a Japanese women there. One Muslim was only 16 although he states he did not participate in the rape… Only the mugging. OMG.

  2. You needn’t worry about an “off-topic” story, Doc. It’s a free country and you are simply expressing your views. It’s OK for someone else to not feel the same… but if they attack you, I wouldn’t even bother responding. There’s no need for that kind of distanced, insulated (because of the internet) anger.

    One tangential note, if I may. Many “Nisei” and “Sansei” also feel we should invite these Muslim refugees – primarily because their parents were discriminated against by the (Democrat) FDR. Not allowing them in would be a throwback to 1942 in their liberal mindsets. However, I feel there is little parallel. In 1942, we were at war, like we are today, against Muslim whatever-you-want-to-call-it. I see it as did we allow any Japanese to immigrate here to the US during that time? Absolutely not – even though they likely would have been civilians. Why invite the enemy with open arms? And there were a few Imperial Japanese Army and Navy officers who were masquerading as residents here in southern California. Unlike today, they were caught and deported. Couple this with how these Muslims lived in their region which has been at war with each other since before the time of Ali Baba, we would be inviting more unrest – if not a takeover.

    1. It’s a really sticky subject for many people because they haven’t delved into the ideology of Islam. What good person wouldn’t want to open the door to help poor refugees? This issue of compassion, however, is muddied by what Islam teaches about Christians, Jews..and any other unbelievers. Not all who say they’re Muslim follow the teachings BUT the teachings are there and clear their religious texts. That’s why you hear devout Muslims (ISIS, Taliban, Al Qaeda, Al Nusra Front, Al Shabaab, Boko Haram etc.) quoting their texts when asked why they behave the way they do. There is back up for all of it and it’s not murky, hidden, metaphoric or obscured. It’s written in the texts as plain as day. I’ve read it myself.

      These refugees are running from messes caused by Islam…by devout believers. If they are muslim themselves, they may or may not act on the command of their texts not to take Christians or Jews as friends, to “slay them where they find them” etc. but that duty (to wage Jihad) IS at the heart of their professed ideology. Remember, they are running from Islam…those who are practicing what’s in their texts. They haven’t denounced the ideology, they say they follow it but have to run from those who are living it in a fundamental way. You see the problem? Do we want to introduce a quite potentially violent, supremacist ideology into our own culture purposely? Is that healthy for us? Why would we want to import problems?

      Just a couple of days ago, an Imam in Norway was calling for the Norwegians to accept child marriage because Islam supports it. Then you have the wife beating (several videos on how to do that properly by Imams on the internet), genital mutilation of young girls, and their belief that Kafir women are free to be sexually harassed/raped. It’s truly a clash of culture. Freedom and liberty vs Sharia or Islamic Law. Those beliefs are mutually exclusive. I don’t want to encourage their way of thinking on these shores. They can continue with that way of living in their lands. To that end, I want them taken care of on their own shores. I think it’s fine to provide humanitarian aid but a big mistake to introduce and further legitimize their ideology by actively placing them into our midst. Now in schools we have to tell our kids that the teachings of Islam are fine?!? That they’re a “religion of peace? ” It’s absurd.

      Any reasonable non-Muslim who knows what Islam says in it’s texts would turn their compassion toward their own countrymen and their children not want more Islam.

      All this being said, there are many Muslim-in-name-only people who have not adopted the core teachings and who have no violent intentions nor do they hold a supremacist view. It’s always good to remember that Islam often converts by the sword and many people submit and go through the motions rather than die. Millions probably don’t even know what’s in the texts but they are cultural Muslims in order to survive/fit in. There are, of course those who just want to live and let live.

      The problem for those taking in refugees is that there is no way to differentiate…no way. So why, with the health of your own culture in play, would you risk it? It’s a bad bet. Look at the mess Europe is in. They did what we should not. It’s a horrible mess over there!

      I know I’m preaching to the choir but it’s one of the things I study daily so I have a lot to say! Lol…


    I am so sorry at such a young age you have to go through this. This is something no one should have to go through. By sharing this post, you are bringing attention to the topic at hand. I will pray for everyone in this situation in Germany.

    1. Germany (and many other European countries) are in terrible shape. I’m very glad you stopped to read this post and I know that young girl will appreciate your prayers.

  4. Thank you, Dr. Lynn, for another insightful post. Back where I come from, males, starting from boyhood, are expected to protect females, and rapists and abusers are the lowest of the low. These Muslims have a different view. It makes me sick. I guess the politically correct are more afraid of criticizing another culture than of allowing their sisters, mothers, daughters and wives to be placed in danger.

    1. Protection of women and children seems to be one of the bedrocks of civilized society. What has happened to European men? They’re allowing themselves to be completely overrun by a much more aggressive force bent on their destruction.

      Political correctness is a suicide pact. It won’t allow for proper discussion about or even correct naming of the threat. Sadly, it’s the leaders of the west who are opening the gates to the hordes and setting them against their own people.

      These are very concerning times…


        You might enjoy the link above about an incident involving my wife, mother and sister on a downtown street. No brag. Just fact.

      2. This is the kind of story I like. It has a serious point and you told it with engaging humor!

        I can’t tell you how comforting it is to know the men in your life watch out for you…and are ready and willing to protect you from harm. I think about my dad who was like 90 feet tall in my eyes as a child and numerous male friends/boyfriends etc. who I knew would go to the mat for me. All ladies should be so lucky. I know the ladies in your life love and appreciate you for that quality!

  5. Just what it says in the book of Revelations Lynn. Pray for God to change hearts

    1. I will most certainly keep praying…

  6. The biggest danger, of course, is that Hitler will return.And that will be because so many of these men have no intention whatsoever of integrating into our society, which, despite its faults, still remains the finest in the world.

    1. I think that’s one of the outcomes but Europe may not be able to gather themselves to push back at all. Do you actually think these men are going to stop coming when Merkel holds up her hand and says “OK, that’s enough. Sorry, we’re full now?” I hardly think so. She’s set into motion a chain of events that will be very hard to thwart. Those she’s already let inside will have something to say about stopping the flood as well. How many European leaders will do what it takes to actually keep people from setting foot on the shores when that decision is made? Will they sink boats? Will they shoot those coming onto land? Will they tow them back where they came from instead of providing them ferry service onto their homeland? Do you know there are reports of 400,000 more “migrants” expected in Italy in the coming weeks?

      The biggest danger is that Europe will be unable to react and recover, that they will be overtaken by these invited invaders (who ARE going to keep attacking like they did in Paris), and that the light of Christianity, liberty and freedom will be dimmed in yet another part of the world. That would be a tragedy of unimaginable proportions….

      Contemplate the fact that these people have been banging at the gates for hundreds of years, clear in their intent to harm the native population of Europe and Merkel et al. simply opened the door and ushered them in.

      Believe me, I’m not naive about our current crop of politicians in the United States either…

      We are living in extremely perilous times.

  7. It is scary and sad to think that this girl is basically the representative of so many more! We might as well take notes, because the situation will be here sooner than later.

    1. Yes, it’s terrible. I feel so badly for her and when I read the transcript of her plea, MY protective instincts kick in. I want to help her. All I can do is to try and fight the good fight here. It’s absolutely something the political class seems hell bent on making us face in the United States. There is much wickedness afoot….

      1. So true – too true!

  8. Merkel is a treasonous bitch … but we have to say that the German people are responsible for her tenure and none of these citizens seem to have the courage to do what is necessary to protect their communities (their women) from the Moslem pigs.

    On Tue, Jan 26, 2016 at 11:48 AM, Life In The Gym wrote:

    > Doctor Lynn posted: “This is one of my off topic posts. I’ll always give > you a warning when I go off the beaten path, since it’s a pet peeve of mine > when other writers do it to me. If you just like the gym stuff, skip this > and I’ll be back on track next time… *This video ” >

    1. It’s quite a situation. I just watch with horror and wonder daily about the reasons for such self destructive policies. I see it taking root here too, of course. We know the muslim brotherhood is “all up in the mix” here in the US. It’s confounding to me. Perhaps one day I’ll come up with a good answer…unless there is no reason or orchestrated plan, just the devil dancing in weak minds…

      1. The Moslem Brotherhood is a cancer working its way through American society. It has found its way into our prisons, where it converts very angry young men and encourages them to commit violence against everyone who isn’t a Moslem (I think this has racial connotations, as well). Why we allow “Islam” into prisons confuses me. Islam is not as much a religion as it is a cult. I should add, dangerous cult. But now we have the Moslem Brotherhood in the White House, and the really good news (not) is that Hillary Clinton has these people advising her on the Middle East and millions of Americans are lining up to vote for Hillary (who should be in jail). The USA should follow Egypt’s lead in dealing with the Moslem Brotherhood.

  9. Well said, my good doctor. There is a chasm in what our politicians believe and what the great unwashed believe. Whatever Merkel’s reasons, they are misguided. The primary role of government is to protect the citizenry. Germany has failed in this. The US is about to fail in this. The socialist elite will accuse those opposed to opening our doors as racists, xenophobes and will try to impose their views on us, creating significant security (and health) risks for all of us. It’s time to tighten up immigration, not loosen it. Let everyone apply individually, demand that they learn the language, assimilate into our culture, and become a productive citizen to whatever country they wish to immigrate to. Don’t come here and try to practice or impose your culture or ideology. When in Rome, right?

    1. I couldn’t have said it better. It’s a terrible situation and the stories coming out of Europe are hair-raising. It’s nuts…and American politicians seem infected with whatever sick thought process Merkel and the rest of the EU leaders are currently demonstrating.

      1. The political pendulum has swung as far left as it can go. The scary thing is the solution is usually equally extreme, as the world witnessed after WW1 in Germany.

      2. Yes, unless something changes very quickly (and I have little hope it will), there will be much suffering in the future. It’s going to be gruesome…and it appears it’s being set up on purpose.

      3. I can’t put my finger on it, but it does seem like a plan of western governments to purposely change the composition of their countries. Why? I don’t know, but rest assured someone is benefiting from it.

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