Hip Thrusts


Tight buns…we all want them!


Have mercy! That kitchen is a disaster…I can’t even imagine what that’s all about…but nevermind the mess…dude has nice buns!

Hip thrusts.  It’s a funny name for a very effective exercise.  Hip thrusts are great for toning up the glutes (and they also work your quads a little as a welcome side benefit).  Men and women alike, want nice, tight buns and this is one of my favorite ways to get them.

There are many variations of the exercise and I’ve added photos below in order of difficulty.  You can start off with the simple floor version and when you’re comfortable, move to the next level.

As always, start off very gently, without using weight, just to get the hang of it.  If it poses a challenge for your muscles, good.  If it actually hurts, stop doing it and find a different way to train.


The simple version of a hip thrust. Feet are placed about shoulder width apart for all levels of hip thrusts.


This is a more challenging version. She is holding a weight on her mid-section. She goes up with her feet flat, then pushes up onto her toes as the finishing move.


When you use a bench to support your shoulders, it requires more balance. She too, is holding a weight to make the move more challenging. You can do these with dumbbells or barbells.


This is another way to do a hip thrust. It’s VERY challenging depending on the amount of weight you use. That bar-wrap is there for a reason. Don’t go heavy without one otherwise you’ll end up with very bruised hips…ask me how I know…


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  1. Reblogged this on The V-Pub and commented:
    Spring has sprung and if you haven’t hit the gym yet, let’s get moving!

    1. Thanks for the reblog. I consider that a wonderful compliment. I just got back from a little spring break trip. I only did a little working out but now I’m back to my routine…refreshed and invigorated! Summer (and tiny clothes time) will be here before we know it so I’m putting in a little extra work these days. I don’t want to jiggle in June!

      1. lol! A loose caboose is no good in June! 😀 I wanted people to see your blog and the great results you’ve achieved. I know that it will provide excellent motivation to those who read.

  2. I feel honored that you mentioned me with the kitchen pic Lynn 😀

    1. Yes! Your physique is quite beautiful but do you think I could talk you into hiring a maid to help you with that kitchen? Lol…

      Not sure what’s going on in that photo. Kinda looks like a sink in a prison cell or in an abandoned structure or something….

      1. Remember I did work in Pa Corrections for many years Lynn lol

  3. Loving the lead picture! Any idea is there a way to be sure not to be accidentally using hip flexors when doing this? It sounds great to add to my routine, but I want to make sure I’m not doing it wrong!

    1. You will definitely be engaging your hip flexors, no way around it BUT it works your glutes much more. At the top of the move squeeze your butt and you’ll see what I mean. You’ll get a great burn.

      If you find it hurts in a bad way, don’t do this one but if you start out without any weight, it shouldn’t give you trouble.

      Try it and let me know if you like it.

      1. Well, I gave it a try a couple of days in a row and I’ve definitely noticed an improvement in my power/top speed for skating 🙂

      2. Excellent! I’m glad to hear that. Happy Thursday!

  4. I love this firming and tightening move.

  5. These are really great exercises to lift and tighten those gluts. Well done.

  6. I’m second from the left in your first photograph. Mind you, I’ve let myself go a little recently!

    1. WHAT? You’re going to have to share your workout with me! Ha…you made me smile…

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