Happy Monday!


Ha…we all have those moments.  We think we’ll have a tiny indulgence and it turns into an “eating out of a trough with a shovel” session.  I did it yesterday only it wasn’t unintentional.  I planned to sit down, watch the Superbowl and eat to my heart’s content…and I did.  It was GREAT!

When the game was over I felt like Templeton.  Templeton was the rat in Charlotte’s Web who  loved to eat.


Good Ole Templeton

I never feel guilty about occasional, indulgent eating days.  They make the days when you’re more careful about your diet tolerable.  Trying to be “good” all the time is a recipe for failure.  Now and then, it’s good to just let go and enjoy numbers of calories and types of foods you typically steer clear of.  The trick is to plan your indulgent days ahead of time, and don’t plan too many of them.  I figure, on average, I’ll do that type of eating once a month.  Many times, it’s around a holiday when I’m with family and friends and don’t feel like restraining myself.  Sometimes it’s around a sporting event, like the Superbowl.

Life is better when you maintain a balance.  Perpetual denial isn’t always the best tactic particularly where diet/nutrition is concerned.  Give yourself a break now and then and the “strict” intake days will seem less bothersome.

When those planned, big eating days roll around, grab a fork and enjoy!





6 responses

  1. The huge problem is trying to limit the days when you overindulge. That has always been my problem.

    1. Yes, it can be hard but if I know I have a day to indulge coming up its easier for me to stay strong and disciplined. If I don’t plan any it seems too hard to stick to a sensible diet. I do like my treats!

  2. Love the picture! Priceless expression. 😀

  3. Great advice. We need to view a meal or a day of less healthy eating as an acceptable conscious choice; not an atrocity caused by demonic possession. The healthiest of lives seem to always have one word associated with them, BALANCE. We need to lighten up on the self attitude and simply make good decisions most of the time. The results will speak for themselves.

    1. I tell you, every time I decide I’m going to go all “strict and stiff” I immediately start obsessing over all the things I CAN’T eat. it’s awful. I learned a long time ago to just concentrate on feeding myself kindly (meaning giving myself food that’s good for me) most of the time but not banning anything. When I maintain that attitude, it’s much easier for me to pass on foods that aren’t the best (like Cheetoes). It’s a head game but it works for me…

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