Celebration Of Service (3-9-2016)

For our American warriors…for those who fight under our flag.

We never forget you’re out there and the hard work you put in day after day.



15 responses

  1. Thank you Lynn , beautiful as ever ,maybe more so now.

    1. Thank you for that wonderful comment. You made me smile….I’m always happy when you stop by!

  2. I posed in the same bikini and heels, yet didn’t create nearly the impression you do. 😀 I know the military appreciates your support. I appreciate your hard work and dedication and willingness to share the results. Stay focused, healthy and happy.

    1. Oh…I bet you created QUITE the impression! Ha, ha…

      I’m glad you’re back to writing. I was thinking about you and hoping everything was going OK since I know you had a family emergency.

      Wishing you a wonderful Thursday (and happy workouts)!

  3. I bet your bikini cheers up all those soldiers across the world!

    1. Happy Thursday to you! I hope that’s true. It would sure make my heart happy!

  4. Thank you for the reminder of why our country is great and why it is safe. You are a brave soul! Not for the bikini photo – you look stunning! 💗💗💗 But for going outside in a bikini with snow on the ground.

    1. Thank you for the lovely compliment. It WAS cold out there. The wind was blowing quite hard (hence the awesome look of the flag in the photo). I was frozen but I wanted the flag blowing so you could see the whole thing. I suffer for my art! Lol

      Happy Thursday!

      1. You suffer for your art, and we all benefit from it! Happy Thursday, Lynn!

  5. Doc … you are exactly the reason Americans step up to the plate to serve their country in uniform. I could not be more proud of your unwavering support of our troops.

    1. *blushing* Thank you very much…it’s from the heart and I’m always and forever happy to show it!

  6. Daaaaaaang! That’s one of the best looking American flags I’ve seen in quite some time. Took me a while to notice it was there, though — was somewhat distracted.
    lol 😉

    1. Oh..thanks for that lovely compliment. I’m glad you like my flag.

      Sure hope your week is going well and that you’re enjoying these last winter days. Soon, the warmer weather will be here. When I was walking my dogs yesterday, the birds were singing in all the trees. I feel spring…

  7. Thanks Lynn for your unwavering support. You are a true Patriot. Keep up the fight for freedom.

    Sent from my iPhone


    1. Hi! My pleasure. We are in quite a fight aren’t we? Happy Thursday to you. Glad you stopped in to say hello!

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