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I subscribe to Major Pain’s blog.  He posted the following and I wanted to pass it along.  I was very happy to hear that he had personal and positive experiences with anysoldier.  I posted a blog entry about this organization and how to donate to them a few years ago.  If lending a little support to our very hardworking troops appeals to you, please read Major Pain’s assessment of them and consider participating.

(To see this post and Major Pain’s other blog entries go to


Don’t Like Wounded Warrior Program?  Get A Flag

You may have read here about the Wounded Warrior Program. I can tell you the positive stories are much fewer than the negative stories.

Thus, I recommend if you would like a good charity to support that actually helps deployed warriors is to consider donating to

You can go HERE to donate. I have had the luxury of having anysoldier support me through all 5 combat deployments. It works! There is nothing better to be in some god for saken country and receive a care package. It’s hard to put into words. However, when you get something in the mail, your entire perspective changes.

Hey, I got it, times are tough, I know. However I challenge every reader of One Marines View to donate $10. If that happened, the charity would have close to 10,000 just from a week’s viewers. Crazy, right? My goal is to raise $5,000. Can you help me reach that goal? (A typical “value meal at McDonald’s is $7. A typical cup of coffee at Starbucks is $4.75. So go without that nasty burger, that crazy coffee and help out this charity. Kinda puts it in perspective does it not?


All I ask is “if” you can donate, please do. I wouldn’t promote it if I didn’t have faith in it and I do, because they supported my Marines and I. They make a difference.

Go here to donate!

To make things interesting, I make these American flags. I will randomly pick a donator which will receive one of these flags (per $1k donated) that I am donating to the cause (I believe in it) and I will ship it to you free of charge and I will even pick up the shipping!

Even if you don’t donate, help me spread the word. What’s that take? Like 2 seconds to share this posting….please help me get the word out.


I really appreciate your help! – Time for a C-Gar


– See more at:


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