Spring Is Here!


Silly Rabbit

“Autumn arrives in early morning, but spring at the close of a winter day.” (Elizabeth Bowen)

Here we are on the first day of spring…a season that reminds me to breathe deeply and love fiercely as I watch the world awake from a long, quiet slumber.  It’s beautiful to me; refreshing and promising…so I go forward with gratitude, with the evidence laid  before me, once again, that after every  blue-cold winter comes new life, wild beauty and renewed hope.

Happy spring!


Funny Bunny – Remember, life has plenty of challenges.  Don’t forget to let yourself be silly, have fun…and always make sure to celebrate everything you can.


11 responses

  1. Oh my goodness Lynn

    1. Hi there! I just got back from a spring break trip. The boys had last week off so we went to Mexico to play. It was a wonderful trip. Hope you had a good week, a relaxing, wonderful Easter and an easy start to your week!

  2. You look so cute in that bunny outfit, luv! You wascally wabbit! ;o)

    1. Why, thank you! I’m very silly but have a lot of fun! Yesterday was nice and warm…all the birds were out singing in the trees in the early morning. I’m feeling very “springy.” Hope your week is off to a wonderful start!

  3. Don’t lift too many weights with those shoes on!

    1. I will definitely be careful…I wouldn’t want to fall off my shoes while lifting heavy! Happy Sunday!

  4. You look beautiful as ever, Lynn!

    1. …and silly too! Thanks for the lovely compliment.

  5. You are an inspiration to a lot of people, Lynn. Hope your family is well.

    1. Thank you! My goodness…you put a huge smile on my face. All is well on this front. My older son is awaiting acceptance/rejection letters from a few colleges. They’re due in very soon. Once he knows what his choices are he can start the decision making process. We are all enjoying spring break and we’re having a good time together on the beach. I love surf and sun!

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