Rest Days

Rest days are an important part of any fitness program.  Truth be told, they don’t present much of a problem for most people since motivation to exercise at all is usually the problem, not motivation to take a break.  Still, we all know people who go whole hog with their fitness program…until they burn out and then give up entirely for a long while.

You have to seek proper balance….balance between too much exercise and not enough.  It’s an easy concept but sometimes not so easy to accomplish.  It takes thought, attention and commitment.  You can use official “programs” as a guide but each of us has different needs and our bodies require varying amounts of down time.

I discovered long ago that I could be successful with a 5 days on, two days off workout program.  That fit into my lifestyle when the boys were very young and continues to the present day.  I typically squeeze workouts into the week, which leaves the weekends completely free for family activities.

I typically re-assess my program every 8 weeks.  If I’ve completed an 8 week block and I feel unenthusiastic about my workouts or my body is tired, I’ll skip a week (doing only cardio and light lifting as I wish) and then go back to my more formal workouts.  It works better that way, psychologically, since I always feel like my workouts are on my terms.  I can take time off when needed so I don’t get into that “I’m on a never-ending grind” mindset.

Vacations fall under that “my choice” category too.  Sometimes I workout a lot when I’m on vacation, sometimes a little and there are times when I don’t do a thing in the way of exercise.  I play it by ear.  If I want to exercise, I do.  If I want to sit on a beach chair with my feet up the whole time, I do.  You have to be gentle with yourself if you want to be successful over the long haul.

I was lucky enough to be able to take a little trip to Mexico recently.  I visited the gym once and did a light workout, I did my push ups, pull ups and squats daily, I walked along the beach and played in the waves.  I did a little swimming and that’s it.  It was relaxing and refreshing and now I’m hitting it HARD.  It feels great after the break.

Make sure you fit those rest breaks in too!


Pretty, warm water…morning walks on the beach were perfect.


Me with my 12 year old. He’s always been a water baby. He spent most of every day playing in the ocean.


Meet my new friend! This iguana and his friends would sun themselves on the sidewalk all day. So cute!


How can I fit this gratuitous picture of my sweet pups into this blog entry? Oh…the trip to Mexico provided different weather conditions than our recent trip to the mountains! How’s that?  I’m an excellent writer. Ha, ha….






12 responses

  1. Good lord my beautiful spider monkey, you make Mexico look good…have a great day!

    1. Lol…thank you! I had a great time there. The water was so pretty and warm. I already wish I could go back for another week. I find the beach very relaxing….

  2. Thanks for sharing these lovely pictures! The sea looks so inviting.
    I had to learn this the hard way when I did indeed burn out from lack of rest. Now I know how crucial it is.

    1. It was wonderful! I love vacation…

      I’ll tell you something…my hair and Mexican humidity don’t mix well. I got off the plane and it wasn’t 15 minutes until I had a head full of INSANE, wild, poofed up hair…uncontrollable. I had to wear a hat the whole time! Goodness…next time I’ll get it braided before going. It was out of control. Even a ponytail/bun couldn’t do the job. Funny….

      1. Girl, I hear ya on that. Puff city in humidity right here!

  3. Ahhhh….there is the famous hat lol. Who is the OH so grown up and much taller young man with you lol. Is that the survivalist ? Glad you all had a Blessed time Lynn

  4. Very nice doc, glad u enjoyed the break

    1. Hello and happy Tuesday! The break was so nice. I had a wonderful time and feel refreshed now that I’m back. I hope all is going well for you these days. It’s starting to get warmer so I’ll be doing more workouts outside. Yay!

  5. Love that Afro hairdo. He needs to see just how long it will grow!

    1. Believe me, he wants to. I tell him as long as he’s well behaved and gets good grades, he can keep his mane (the girls in his class told him he looks like a lion). He loves it even though it’s not really in style and people tease him. He doesn’t care at all. He’s very good natured about it….

  6. Work hard, rest hard! Love the pics, Lynn. Especially the polka dot bathing suit. 😍

    1. Why, thank you! It was a great trip. I feel very energetic now and ready to put in some good workouts. Sometimes a change of scenery is just what the doctor ordered. Happy Tuesday to you!

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