Nerd Alert – You Just Have To Laugh


As you know, If you’ve followed this blog for a while, I’m a nerd.  I’m proud of it.  My boys are nerds too.  We’re also athletes.  We exist in that rare space of nerd-aletes.

(To be perfectly accurate, we’re more egghead than nerd, but the difference is slight so use of the word “nerd” will suffice).

If you’ve got a bit of nerd in you and you want a laugh, you’ve got to see this video.  My youngest son brought it to my attention. It cracks me up every time I see it (particularly the first part).  Mind you, I was a student for MANY years.  My undergraduate degree is in English Literature I have an M.S. in Curriculum and Instruction, a teaching credential and a Doctorate in Organizational Development.

I taught and then ran a school for many years and now edit papers for graduate level engineering students at a local university  which is probably what makes this so darn funny to me.  It’s a slice of my life from the student side and from the teacher side…

If this doesn’t make you laugh, you’re just don’t have enough nerd in you….carry on….



9 responses

  1. Love Brian Regan. Listen to him on Sirius radio all the time. Great clip to share!

  2. Yes, I’m definitely a part of that elite group too

    1. That video cracks me up every time I see it. I was a smart kid but quite lazy. I actually did have about 2 months to come up with a science project in 4th grade. I ignored all the classroom time devoted to gathering info at the library and just talked to my friends. When the day came for the projects to be presented I cut a lemon in half, took a little twisted wire that I got in a ditch and a piece of aluminum foil and presented it. I stuck the wire in the lemon, then touched it to the foil square. I pushed it so it moved but insisted it was electricity flowing from the lemon to the foil which caused the movement. Oh my!! That’s my “cup of dirt” story…and there are plenty more!

  3. I must have a lot of nerd in me…

    Yup, that was me!!

    1. I was awful. Smart…but I really didn’t ever want to work hard in school when I was young. I was always trying to get out of work and I often missed assignments or turned in things like “cup of dirt.”

      1. I was the total nerd, (graphs to size and all), until high school. I took all my important classes the first 2 years and spent my junior and senior years basically surfing. Fun times.

      2. Surfin’ USA…

        I grew up in California (San Francisco) and that surfing life is a blast. There were times we’d all skip out of school and head to the beach. I didn’t surf but had friends who did. It was a great time, just hanging out. The water was COLD so our surfers always wore wetsuits…

  4. Made me laugh new friends that way

    1. That video cracks me up. I have to admit there was a time when we had a science project that I didn’t spend ANY time on. I just tried to copy my friend’s presentation. It was pretty much like that poor guy in the video!

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