Steroids (Roids, Brah!)

When you’re a little out of the mainstream in terms of strength or the amount of muscle you have, it’s inevitable that you’ll run into someone who accuses you of doping.  It’s always someone out of the loop, a non-lifter, who points the finger and says “steroids”  with great authority.  It’s happened to me and last week, believe it or not, it happened to my son.  Yes, the 12 year old was taking heat at school from a regular-sized kid for his supposed steroid use.

It’s true, he’s very strong…and he also happens to be tall.  He’s an athlete so he’s also more muscular than his classmates.


Here’s my son standing with some classmates. We were on a field trip to a museum.


At a performance with some other 6th graders.


His height and strength come in handy on the football field!

The funny thing is that the boy who was giving him grief didn’t know that my son takes his cues from me and considers accusations of steroid use a funny and in an odd way a complimentary thing.  Let me explain.

Having put countless hours and immense effort into my workouts these last 20+ years, in a quest for that beautiful muscle (and strength) I love so much, I’m delighted when some ill-informed person thinks I’m on steroids.  I’m immediately cheered by the comments and consider them proof I’m doing something right. I suppose I could get angry but all I can think about is that my hard work shows!  I don’t care one whit what an average person on the street thinks.  Anybody whose spent even a little time in the gym KNOWS my physique isn’t built on drugs.  That fact is obvious to people involved in fitness.


Skinny girl makes good!


Mama loves muscle! Wish I could pack on some more…

So it wasn’t the harassment, the repeated accusations of steroid use and daily name calling that upset my son.  He’s one of the most laid back people I’ve ever seen. He’s almost unnaturally even-tempered.  He never gets wound around the axle.  He never did; not in even when he was tiny guy in preschool, not even in the most heated football games when the other team is taking repeated cheapshots and saying all manner of terrible things (like “take that guy out”).  I think the whole thing went south when the mouthy kid threw a Wet Wipe in his face.  That act resulted in one little “love tap” which culminated in the kid running, screeching, into the school clinic to see the nurse and me getting a call from the Vice-Principal.

Hmmmm….know what my dad used to say?  “Mess with the bull…get the horn.”  The older generation had more sense than some give them credit for.

At any rate, the kid didn’t show up at school the next day.

I suspect he was out looking for some steroids to take.


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  1. My beautiful spider monkey,
    That first picture of you is almost my favorite of you (my favorite is a different one you sent me). Steroids? That is amusing. A lot of people are quick to pass judgment, glad neither of you put anything into it. Be good , talk to you soon.

    1. Hi Lishie! My youngest son is very calm and good natured. He’s got this wild hair that he never wants to cut. Our deal is that he can keep it as long as he gets good grades etc. He gets teased about it ALL the time and even adults comment on it regularly. He doesn’t care at all. He seems impervious to other people’s opinions about most things. That’s how I knew something else other than name calling had to have happened. His brother managed to worm the whole story out of him. Funny, the mouthy boy hasn’t said a single word to him since the “corrective action.”

  2. Doc,

    There are so many reasons for you to be proud of your son. To me, one of the best reasons is that he defended himself. Bullies come in all shapes and sizes, they are not just the big kids. The bully in my son’s 3rd grade class just happens to be the oldest kid in the class and he is also the smallest. My son is the youngest and tallest in the class. My wife gets mad at me when I tell him it is okay to defend himself or defend his classmates. But there is no reason for a bully to be allowed to not be called out.

    By the way, I love the picture of you with attitude. Kind of scares me and I dig it. So much love and respect for you and your family!


    1. I’m very proud of him. He’s such a kind person…very calm and thoughtful. After the incident, my older son said “You shoulda thrown some elbows…ground and pound.” You know what the replied? “I wasn’t trying to hurt him.” He did accomplish the task of shutting him up. The mouthy one hasn’t whispered one word to my son since he got “reprimanded.” The one worry was that the schools are nuts these days. Normal behavior/reactions are demonized and punished severely (like kids being suspended for biting their sandwiches into the shape of a pistol). Luckily, my son’s relaxed and easygoing nature is well known. He also knows the adults in his life will back him up if he gets unfair punishment at school so he was (and still is) quite satisfied with his response to the bothering.

      You like my “game face?” That’s how I look when I’m in the gym, working hard. Lol…kinda grim but I have to concentrate to get the maximum benefit out of lifting.

      Hope you have a wonderful day…glad you stopped by!

  3. I’ve taught in an all boy’s school for almost forty years and most classes of 25 or so will have a boy significantly taller than the rest like your son.

    1. You know what’s funny? I was always the tiniest little thing in my class. When the girls played outside I always got to be the mouse and therefore I got to ride on my friend’s backs all over the playground (they were the horses). My son is on the opposite side of the spectrum so it’s interesting to watch life from that side.

  4. Very sad this little wimp judged your son for working hard I hate people like that get off you butt and work and maybe you will look like what you want to look like. And they wonder why fitness people don’t talk to everybody because you judged by jerks like this

    1. Hi Eric! Nice to hear from you. I bet you can relate to this. Big guys sometimes take heat because of their size. People just want to have something to pick at. Too big…to small…too strong…too weak…whatever. Hope you’re doing well with all your workouts. I just started doing some heavier lifting. I got skinner than I like and want some more muscle.

  5. Such a shame with the accusations Lynn. People need to leave their negative opinions to themselves. Love the hats 😀

    1. Isn’t it silly? Oh well, the mouthy boy at my son’s school has suddenly stopped talking to him. Lol….

  6. Another great post. I have some issues on our soccer league. I have 3 players in my team (U-12) they look like 17-18 year old. Every single Saturday when we hit the pitch you can see the pain in the other team players. However, I’ll never let my players “crush/destroy” another team.

    1. It’s interesting to see the reaction to a “tall guy” when playing team sports. It kind of stands out on our lacrosse team and our football team since most of the kids happen to be on the small side. It makes my son stand out even more. The funny thing is that he’s very gentle. We have to remind him that it’s OK to be appropriately aggressive on the field.

  7. I detect some jealousy from your sons classmates. It’s so sad that people can’t compliment each other for all of the hard work that went into looking like that. BTW, I think that it’s the first time that I’ve seen your back – amazing! And the first time that I’ve seen you not smile in a photo. I like it! I love the smiles, too, but these photo show some serious attitude!

    1. You like my “game face?” Grrrr…that’s how I look in the gym when I’m working hard. It takes a lot of concentration. I LOVE working my back. I think it shows. I do NOT like working my legs. I think it shows. Lol

      1. Your game face is all business! Yes, your back certainly shows lots of work. I wouldn’t say that about your legs, though. They look fantastic on your photos.

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