No Quitting


This is as true in the gym as it is almost anywhere else.  Persistence is more important than fancy equipment or perfect exercise and nutritional plans.  It’s the key to success especially for those of us who train for life and not just for an event like a particular race or fitness competition.

Attitude is everything.  You must avoid beating yourself up when you have a setback or your motivation flags for a while.  If you can’t do your normal workouts, change your routine and do what you can.  Perhaps you can only walk around the block.  Maybe you can only manage some bicep curls or a little stretching.  Fine.  Just don’t quit.

Never quit!



9 responses

  1. Right?! I am WAAAYY ahead in my ‘before model fitness’ diet! I will send you a picture soon, you will be so impressed my beautiful spider monkey!

    1. Ha, ha…I’m kinda in the “before phase over here.” I need to get with it before this spider monkey starts looking like a fat orangutan!

  2. Good advice Lynn. I posted a similar one on the same day. Hope you’re having a fantastic week

    1. This week has been pretty good. Weather is lovely and it’s making my puppies especially energetic and happy!

  3. Yes, famous last words, but my less extreme, long term, diet is gradually taking some weight off.

    1. Excellent! As long as you’re doing something (even if it’s only putting in a tiny effort) you’re ahead of the game.

  4. I used to get discouraged, but now I do follow your advice and just slow down a day or two and then pick it back up.

    1. It works much better that way. I had to learn that over time. I used to get mad at myself if I was lacking in motivation. Now I know to just do a teensy bit and in no time I’ll be back to my normal enthusiasm/regular energy level.

  5. Persistence and Patience; two of the most important words leading to success.

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