Celebrate…Any Time You Can

This past weekend was my son’s prom.  He took one of his best friends, who he loves very much, for picture taking and the dinner before the dance.  After dinner, he took her home.  They planned it that way ahead of time. She wasn’t up to going to the main event or the after parties.  She’d just gotten out of the hospital days before.  She spends a lot of time there and neither she, nor anyone else knows if her health will stabilize.  Given what they know, she’s not counting on it.


The two of them have all kinds of plans…perhaps a trip to Italy after graduation if she’s able to handle that kind of travel and maybe a road trip closer to home if she’s not.  They plan for the future without knowing if they’ll actually be able to do the things they’ve set their sights on.

Realistically, none of us knows if we’ll be here to carry out our future plans.  That’s one of the reasons I like to create little celebrations all along the way.  Why wait for an “officially sanctioned” holiday or a long off trip?

Life presents enough worry, trouble and downright misery to go around.  Therefore, I make it my business to try and counteract that with some distraction and levity as we go.  Which explains why Sunday was reserved for a birthday party…for my dogs.


Sliders for the puppies’ celebration!


Mmmm….special birthday dinner. She likes sliders!  BTW, the pups are shedding their winter coats (fur is coming out by the handfuls) so they look a little rough!



Dessert…low sugar ice cream, blueberries and a little gingerbread man.


You have to have ice cream at a birthday party.


Opening his present…


Her head got stuck in the box for a minute but she got her present out!


He got his bone and his Lamb Chop squeeky toy out of the box.

Yes, a dog party is silly but so what?  It involves spending happy time with my family.   The point is that we’re together, having fun.  I laugh when I think about the kids, much later in life, sitting together, thumbing through photo albums saying “You remember when mom was so crazy and made us get special, low sugar ice cream for the dogs and we had to run all over the place to find it?”  It’s one of the little dots of glue that will hold us together even when we’re separated.

You can make a celebration out of anything…the first tulip sighting of spring, the equinox,  your unbirthday (there are 364 of them a year to pick from), a PR for squats, your daughter’s first lost tooth (or her 15th), your last cancer treatment, your ascent of a 14er, finally getting the attic straightened up, going 10 years without a traffic ticket or 6…or 2.  It’s not so much what you’re celebrating, it’s that you’re acknowledging and appreciating a little slice of goodness with the other people in your life.  It provides the balance we all need to stay steady and keep going especially when things aren’t so great.


Italy?  Nevada?  The corner coffee shop?  It doesn’t really matter, they enjoy their time together…

You don’t have to sit passively and wait for what life hands you.  Happy times (at least not as many as you want) might not simply fall into your lap. You already know there are going to be hard, challenging, painful times.  When and where you can, use your creativity to enjoy and celebrate even the smallest of things.  ea65e2236b57d35a80d7240934ea3e3a



15 responses

  1. Thank you…Mother’s Day was great. I had just the kind of celebration I enjoy.

    Yes…I want to live, not just sit waiting for outside forces to act upon me. Wishing you a happy afternoon and a great week ahead!

  2. This is a message I bring up in many posts. We can be entities in life or choose to live life. There is no right or wrong there is only a choice to make. Waiting for life to make the choice for you can result in a life time of waiting and waiting. We are on this planet a finite period; will you choose your path or will you leave it up to destiny?

    Excellent post. Hope your son and friend enjoyed their prom. Hope you enjoyed a special Mother’s Day.

  3. I love this! A must share.

    1. I was very happy I was able to get those two photos of them. The formal photos were nice but those were much more illustrative of the kind of relationship they share. It’s a beautiful thing to watch…

  4. You are right. I hope it all works out for your son’s friend, and I’m sure it will.

    1. I hope so too. She’s a darling girl. I call her my “angel baby.” Wishing you a wonderful start to the week!

  5. Your heart is precious Lynn and the boys have adopted that from you. I wonder why people don’t see the truth, but I’m pretty sure we know the answe why. Hope you’re having an extra Blessed Monday

  6. You have shared wisdom that I hope is understood and appreciated! Life is precious and should be enjoyed at every opportunity. Special is what we make it, it’s our state of mind and a positive attitude that can make a difference in our quality of life. I’m thankful for life in general and I accept the challenges trying not to let them define who I am or how I feel. You are an inspiration and example for others to follow. Thanks for sharing and God bless you.

    1. Richard, I know you’re thankful and appreciative. It comes shining through in your writing and in the little notes you send now and then. You’re truly like a ray of sunshine and I know many other people feel the same way about you. God bless you too!

  7. You are raising a fine man, there. Congrats.

    1. Thank you so much! He’s a great son. I’m delighted to be his mom. It’s so wonderful and poignant to watch him grow and step out into his own life.

      Glad you stopped by and I hope your week is off to a great start!

      1. Parenthood is a life-long process of peeling off the bandaid really, really slowly.

      2. Yes it is! Hope you’re having an excellent day!

  8. I always said you were a great Mom and I hope you had a beautiful day on Sunday! Making things special – it would be out of sight if the world thought like you!!!! And by the look in your son’s eye when he’s looking at her – he does!!!!!!

    1. Thank you! I had a wonderful day on Sunday. It was perfect.

      I’m so glad I captured those two “prom photos.” Those were my favorites because they were just fooling around, having a good time in between the formal pictures. They really capture the spirit of their relationship and the depth of their friendship.

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