Throwback Thursday

Once upon a time…

rear view

That was my rear view 7 years ago.  See that little guy on the right?  That’s my youngest son walking past.

This is what he looks like now.


He’s 12 years old and not so small anymore.

When he was 3, he used to take a plastic bottle into the bathtub with him.  He’d fill it with water and bubbles and shake it, then offer it to me.  He’d say “here’s your protein powder, Mommy.”

I’ve been a gym rat for his whole life.

As for the older one, he’s now 18 years old. I’ve been a gym rat for his whole life too.

Here he is, with me, at a picnic long ago.  See that bicep?  Get the magnifying glass.  It’s there, I swear.


One of his first words was “Cap.”  Why?  Because my dad liked to take care of him when I went to the gym and he’d always say “Look, Mommy’s putting on her cap.  She’s going to go workout.”  He knew cap = workout = fun with Grandpa.

Now, he’s getting ready to pack up and head off to college in a few months.  We just ordered his linens and a few other things for his dorm room last night.


All grown up…he was dressed for the prom last weekend. I was there taking photos…and yes, I was wearing my favorite, black, workout “cap.” For those of you who know the story…of course, he was wearing his Grandpa’s shoes.

Through every stage of my boys’ lives, I’ve been hitting the weights.  They don’t know what it’s like to have a mom who doesn’t go to the gym (or who doesn’t do pull ups on a bar in the doorway or who doesn’t bang out bicep curls while watching TV).


I wrote this in the sand when I was at the beach in Jamaica a couple of years ago.  It’s the life for me!

It’s hard to believe I’ve been at this so long but I have pictures that tell the tale.    I walked through the gym doors about 25 years ago…and I’m still there having fun!




10 responses

  1. Good story, & nice pics Lynn.

  2. Can relate well to your story. I am going on 39 years in the gym. I look around and everyone looks so young. It has just been a part of my life and one I wouldn’t trade for anything. It has helped me maintain my ability to do all the physical activities in life I enjoy and has been a source of positive stress relief.
    Keep up the good work. You inspire your readers.

    1. Thank you! You’re a “lifer” too. I agree, it’s the best source of stress relief there is. That’s the reason I love it so much…and I don’t mind seeing the muscle mass (what little I have) either.

  3. *your ( darn you autocorrect!!)

  4. You kids have wonder woman for a mom!

  5. I had to stop and think myself how long I’ve been training. Dad started us really young on the farm. I figure I’ve been at this 50yrs Lynn. Time flies when you’re having fun 😀 Hope you’re enjoying this beautiful Blessed day

  6. You have a great life, superb family and the strength many of us envy.

  7. Children grow up so! And some grow up a lot more than others!

  8. This is so inspirational! You go! This is goals for me. Great job thanks for sharing! xx

    1. Really glad you stopped by. Happy weekend!!

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