Beautiful Monday


No!  No!  Surely that’s not representative of any of us.

We LOVE Monday because it signifies a fresh start in our weekly routine.  It’s energizing, exciting and we’re looking forward to a great week’s worth of workouts ahead!

Can I get an “Amen?”

Wishing you BIG ENERGY for all your fitness pursuits this week!


12 responses

  1. I used to look like that on Mondays…it was leg day and I couldn’t walk. Now I look like that only my face is buried in a bowl of chip dip and I am laying like that to hear my arteries hardening. Take care my beautiful spider monkey!

    1. Lishie! That made me laugh! On more that one occasion, I have eaten chips while working out. I’m not kidding. I get one of those little lunch-sized bags and eat a couple chips between each set. Kinda like a trained seal. Do a trick, get a reward! Ah well…we do our best, right?

  2. thesmilingpilgrim | Reply

    Haha finally someone posted my routine! 😉

    1. Well hello! That meme made me laugh. I must admit I’ve watched exercise programs on TV while relaxing in bed! Glad you stopped by!

  3. Too funny Lynn

    1. You see that girl sleeping while the exercise video plays? I have to admit I’ve done similar things. When I was a little girl, the Jack Lalanne show came on early in the morning. I used to lie in bed and watch it. I loved that show, especially when his wife or dog came on but I never once thought of actually doing the exercises!

  4. You get an AMEN from me, I’ve been very active today.
    But now that I’m resting in front of the computer – you’ve got to see this post from a humor blog…

    1. Oh my gosh! That’s hilarious. Thank you, thank you for the big laugh this afternoon…that was great….

      1. Hearing that – makes MY day!!

    1. Thanks for the “Amen!” I had a great workout yesterday and I’ve done all my cardio for today (I still have some weight training ahead).

  5. Heading to the gym in 2 hours. Can’t tell you how it energizes me for the rest of the day! Thanks for the additional motivation.

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