I consider it a responsibility to help my children grow up with an appreciation for those who serve and an understanding of how a dedicated few, just a tiny fraction of our citizens, are willing to go forth and risk everything so that the majority can can go about their lives putting little on the line but benefitting so greatly.  We are happy to take the gifts they give but those gifts weren’t ginned up out of thin air.  Those who lost their lives in the the service of our country gave everything to win them for us. Those gifts were paid for by men like Danny Dietz and countless others whose names we’ll never know.

My son, who is 12, wrote a couple of lines about Memorial Day

“Memorial Day is important for people to recognize.  People in the military work to keep us safe.  Some of them never make it home.  I think if that was me, my mom would be sad but proud.  Sometimes fighting is necessary and there are things worth dying for like freedom, honor, our country and protecting people.  It’s that whole, better to die on your feet rather than live on your knees, thing.  Memorial Day is to recognize these people and pay tribute to them.”


While on a road trip earlier in the spring, we spent some time at the Danny Dietz memorial sculpture. We talked and reflected for a while while we sat on a little bench next to it.


One of the quotes I think about a lot is something George S. Patton said. “It is foolish and wrong to mourn the men who died. Rather, we should thank God that such men lived.”  I appreciate that but suffice it to say that Patton was a little tougher than I am.


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  1. His comment was precious and touching. You did good raising them both. Have lost family and brothers and am proud and thankful for them all

    1. Proud and thankful…yes. You have a personal connection so feel it in a different, closer, more powerful way. I’m farther away so I can’t explain why but I feel profoundly protective of the legacy of those lost (and those not lost too). I think about the reason sometimes but have never been able to put my finger on it.

      My son is similar. He understands certain things without a lot of explanation. That, along with his very easygoing nature makes me feel lucky to be his mom.

  2. It is an especially sad day for me as I remember my brothers and sisters who paid the ultimate sacrifice, but not only for that reason. I watch the news as people complain about their rights to pee in a certain bathroom, marry a certain individual, not have to follow certain laws or not have to assimilate into tears American culture. They do this while burning our American flag and bashing the very military who actually earned these rights for them. If I had one wish, it would be that Americans started showing more pride in being American. Thank you my beautiful spider monkey for ALWAYS being a proud American and honoring my brothers and sisters!

    1. Hi Lishie! A sad day…yes. You know, If I had one with it would be that you get your wish.

      I think the problem is that over time, the military has done such a good job that it’s easy for people to develop a skewed view of the world. They’ve had it easy. They’ve never had to extend themselves one tiny bit for their security. Not only aren’t they afraid of the wolf, they actually don’t believe the wolf exists!

      I love my country and I’m happy and proud to say so…and you know it’s a deep pleasure to be able to show some appreciation for people like you who who go out there and do all the heavy lifting!

  3. An honorable and respectful post for today’s true meaning, Lynn!

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