Throwback Thursday

A photo from 2011…


One of the interesting things about having photos from a few years ago is that I can do a side by side comparison and determine if what I’m doing today is producing reasonable results.   I actually find it very helpful because I can see clearly if my current workout is allowing me to stay in the acceptable zone or if I need to amend my program.

If you never photograph yourself, I suggest you do so.  You don’t have to show anyone. You can keep the photos entirely private but they’re a good comparison tool and can be used for effective self-assessment.



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    1. Well hi there! Happy weekend to you. The weather is so nice. I took a little break this afternoon to bask in the sun. It was so nice!

  1. Oh my beautiful spider monkey, I photographed myself once…the camera broke, so now I avoid such things. You on the other hand, should photograph yourself all the time!

  2. Ohhh stunning…. I remember the original post.

    1. Hi there, wonderful Al! Thank you…you always bring sunshine for me and I appreciate it very much! We’ve been at this for a while, haven’t we? It’s a great lifestyle. The thing I like best is that it lets me eat up stress in a positive way…and I don’t mind having big biceps either. lol

  3. It took me a long time to work out how you took these photographs. You didn’t hold the camera yourself, did you?

    1. Actually, for that photo I did hold the camera myself. It was over my head and I took the photo in the mirror. I often put my camera on a chair or low wall and put the timer on. It gives me 10 seconds to sprint in front of the lens and strike a pose. As a result, I have a lot of photos of just part of my body. You have to stand in just the right place to get all of yourself in the photos. There are a couple I had help with (like the poster). Those were taken by a photographer friend.

    2. Thank you for the reblog of my latest post. For some reason I couldn’t respond directly so that’s why I’m posting my appreciation here. I hope you have a wonderful and relaxing weekend!

  4. Michael Martz | Reply

    You look amazing no matter what year it is!and only get better with age!

    1. Oh, you’re so sweet. Thank you! I’m trying to keep it together. Lol. I don’t mind aging at all but I want to do it gracefully!

      So glad you stopped by. I hope you’re having a happy start to your summer. It’s getting warm here and I love it. Enjoy your weekend!

  5. I remember that picture. 😀

    1. Remember back in the old days?!? Lol…

      I was in a shoe store today looking at getting some trail-shuffling type shoes for my “runs” with the dogs. When I was there, a man came in looking for shoes not made in a certain country (I didn’t hear what he said). I said “Oh, you want shoes made in America?” He said he did because when he was “over there” they didn’t treat our troops very nicely. Nosy me, I asked him a couple questions and turns out he had been in the Marine Corps for a long time. I went out to my car and got a copy of our book for him. Then he started telling me places he’d been deployed etc. We had a very short but nice conversation.

      So that was a fun part of my day…made me happy to have something to give him. I did leave without shoes. I’ll decide on a pair a little later…

      Happy Friday!

    1. Thank you so much! I always have to remind myself that I’m lifting differently (higher reps, lighter weights) these days so my results are bound to be a bit different too. The good news is that my joints are very happy and therefore my enthusiasm for lifting is back and on level 10!

      Hope you’re having a good Friday and that your weekend is wonderful!

  6. I think that you have remarkable consistency in your physique over the years. You haven’t aged! I love this photo – powerful, yet feminine. A keeper! 🙂

  7. Gorgeous smile, physique, symmetry, abs, contour, complexion, and etc…simply gorgeous and sexy

    1. Artie!! Hi there! How goes it in your neck of the woods? I’m doing well with my routine and I’m pretty happy with the results. The problem with looking at pics from the past is that I was lifting so much differently…and getting results more to my liking. Lol…

      Nevertheless, doing the comparisons is helpful since I can see what needs work.

      Hope you’re having a lovely Friday!

      1. Looking good..I’m doing well..thanks for asking..I will send my results once u get to s certain point in my workouts

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