A Little Bit Of Motivation


I get motivation lots of places.  I heard this story on a news broadcast when it first happened and it’s one of those many illustrative events that I rest my mind on when I’m feeling personally weak and uninspired.  

Most of us have challenges in life that nobody else really sees.  We’re not in a stadium full of people who watch us overcome or who applaud us to the finish line.  Nevertheless, it’s the personal strength and determination that I enjoy watching on display in this video.  It reminds me to keep pushing.  It reminds me that even if everybody else around me has already reached their goal, as long as I’m still putting one foot in front of the other, I’m in the game.  It doesn’t matter how fast I’m going, as long as I’m still fighting.




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  1. Keep it up! Everytime I write an article on these subjects…I ask myself continuously how I can follow what I right. You got this!

    1. Really glad you stopped by and thank you for reading my post. I get motivation from many sources. That particular story just resonated with me. It reminds me to keep pushing forward no matter what! Happy Saturday…wishing you a great Sunday!

  2. Motivation for me comes easily, as I just have to think of my brothers who never made it home! I also think about my Dad (who passed away at the age of 53), and how he struggled with RA, the loss of both legs, and a multitude of other health issues. He never complained about his situation, even though he dealt with pain 24/7. I owe it to my Dad and my brothers to live my life to its fullest. Have a great week my beautiful spider monkey. ..

    1. Ah Lishie! You’re such a great person. You have a wonderful heart and it comes through even the words you put on a page. Did you know you motivate me? It’s true. Your kind and sweet encouragement is something I put in my pocket and take out when I need a little push.

      I hope your week is off to a good start. Yesterday was the first official day of summer and it’s sure heating up. I foresee some time at the pool in the near future!

  3. Thanks for sharing! A wonderful life lesson. Perseverance is a great virtue!

    1. It certainly is and these little examples help me tremendously in my own life. Glad you stopped by and I hope your week is off to a lovely start!

  4. Sometimes heroes are created more by their circumstances than their desire to be heroes. This doesn’t reduce their importance or acts of bravery. This runner’s motivation was personal and team based; this doesn’t reduce the recognition she earned by completing her event with a serious injury. Her effort under such horrific circumstances is truly inspiring.

  5. I watched the video…My left eye began to leak. I think it was an eyelash.

    1. Oh no…an eyelash. I get those sometimes…lol. I appreciated this story the very first time I heard it. I really admire the grit that young woman displayed. Hope you had a good week. Happy weekend!

      1. Military weekend!!! Part-time soldier. Hanging in there like a hair in a biscuit!! 🙂

      2. “Like a hair in a biscuit.” I’ve never heard that expression before. Taught me something new AND made me laugh!

  6. I’ll bet you motivate a lot more people than you realize, Lynn. Thanks.

    1. Aw…shucks! That’s a very kind thing to say…thank you. I hope your week is ending on a nice note and that you have a wonderful weekend!

  7. Great post very inspiring

    1. I thought it was quite inspiring. I’m glad you enjoyed it too! Wishing you a nice evening and a wonderful weekend!

  8. Reblogged this on John Knifton and commented:
    A tremendous motivational story. So much better than just words!!

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