Something Different


Every now and then, you have to freshen things up.  That’s true in all areas of life but it’s critical in your workout program.  That’s because doing exactly the same thing over and over gets stale.  When that happens, you stop making progress and motivation flags.

Having been interested in fitness for so long, I know it pays to try new things now and then…or to try old things, once again, that might have moved out of the rotation for a while.  Long ago, I ran a couple 5k races.  I find running less than pleasant and decided not to keep racing…or running at all.

That presented a problem when I realized that my huskies really, REALLY want to run.  I love them and so, blast it all, I’m going to compromise and try some shuffling along, just a tiny bit faster than walking pace each morning when I take them out.



Only my darling huskies could get me to try to run…or  maybe if a criminal was chasing me!

P.S.  I didn’t really eat cupcakes this morning.  My breakfast actually consisted of plain oatmeal (I like it) and shredded chicken with salsa.


12 responses

  1. Ha !!!!!!!!!!!! 😀

  2. Such beautiful dogs. I like running, but hate running alone. I would love a canine companion to run with.

    1. I wish you could run with my dogs (instead of me). Lol. They really do love it so I’m going to make a good effort to learn to tolerate it. They’d certainly be happier running with you instead of doing the “old man shuffle” with me!

      1. Well..they would still be doing the old man shuffle with me, but we would happy shuffling. Lol!

  3. Dogs look fabulous, yes they do enjoy running. I thought oh my she ate three one would just melt away if u would have .enjoy

    1. I gave the shuffling a try this morning and the dogs were ecstatic! They were so happy…so it looks like this will be our new routine. Maybe, just maybe I’ll slowly get used to it and I might grow to like it!

  4. They are beautiful and will appreciate your effort. I have a beagle which means my walks consist of stop, smell, look up, stare, trot, stop suddenly, smell, see a squirrel, run like a lunatic, bark, bark, bark, walk away and repeat this style of walking for an hour! 😀

    1. Oh, I can just imagine your walks from that description. You made me smile!

      1. Always glad to help people smile. Our pets seem to naturally make us smile. Their unconditional love creates such a unique bond. …then there’s my wife… (only kidding, I am even luckier to have her in my life!)
        Hope you have a great rest of the week.

  5. They are really lovely dogs!

    1. Thank you! They’re wonderful companions and very energetic. I had a time trying to hold them back this morning when a rabbit hopped in front of us on our walk. They really wanted a little snack!

  6. I agree, variety keeps things interesting. I don’t like going to the gym this time of year, so I bike instead. Taking different routes each day keeps things fresh, too!

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