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Congratulations to the people of the UK and all freedom loving people.  Last night I was on pins and needles waiting for the results of the Referendum.  I’m delighted that those who wanted to leave the EU prevailed.

For my friends who wrested back control, make no mistake, the globalist forces that so badly want your power in their hands will seek economic retribution.  They will do so to punish the people of the UK, who they now see as enemies and to strike fear into others who would seek to go their own way.  Their carefully crafted bonds are unraveling and that makes them more dangerous in the short term.  Nevertheless, it’s good to remember that freedom has always had a price; one that’s much more easily paid at the ballot box than on the battlefield.  Well done!



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  1. Change is a difficult but necessary concept. People are beginning to realize to control their own destinies, active participation is required. Let’s see if the U.S. is brave enough to accept this concept

    1. That’s the truth. People MUST participate. If they don’t, they leave all the decision making to those who they may or may not agree with. One day they’ll look up and wonder what happened. More than anyone else, politicians need to be watched and “coached” to keep them working for the citizens who elect them not whoever can buy them when they’re elected.

      1. So well said. It can be challenging to get politicians to do what is in the best interest of the consumer when Big Business writes many of the checks funding the political campaigns. Recognizing this reality simply means more creative solutions are necessary. Life is about compromises; those willing to take greater responsibility for their health, however, will find less need to compromise.

  2. I was surprised to learn of the outcome this morning.

    1. I was ecstatic! People always do better when the rule-makers and policy creaters are closer to home. That’s why centralized education schemes like Common Core are so awful. They don’t take into account the unique flavor of the community. It’s just a dry, one-size-fits-all template from on high. And worse, it’s those special bureaucrats who get to decide every piece and part of what students will learn. Since they’re Government hired, they only teach what those in power want the citizens to know (you should see how they manipulate history and turn it into PC garbage). Funny, the elite NEVER send their kids to public school!

      As far as the UK goes, there’s no way unelected bureaucrats in Brussels were going to have the “common” man’s interests at heart. I’m delighted that the people in the UK want to control their own destiny!

      1. I was expecting a different outcome and never thought they would separate just based on the economy. It is a similar situation to Quebec. They have been wanting to separate from Canada for years for those exact reasons. But that’s only on a provincial level. Will be interesting to see what’s next over the next couple of years.

      2. I agree. Change is in the air. I just hope it’s good change that’s coming!

  3. Bravo to the people, it will be what it will be

    1. I was very pleased! It gives me hope for us. The people in the UK bucked some very powerful forces!

  4. The English people have been paying £350 million a week to the EC. In return, we have had to accept rules and carry out laws which the ordinary man in the street could do very little to change. This vote is a case of “no taxation without representation”, a situation I think all of my American friends will be familiar with.

    1. Yes, taxation without representation rings a bell! So happy that the people are wresting their power back from far away bureaucrats (who I think make ghastly decisions for the average citizen).

  5. I agree. Congrats to those in the UK who voted for this. Globalism hurts so many people, and it’s encouraging to see people loving their independence.

    1. People, especially the working class, not usually given to voting in elections, have finally had enough of being pushed around by rich, talentless politicians.

      1. I would add another adjective in describing them – corrupt.

      2. …and some are downright evil…

      3. Thank goodness! You know, I think the politicians are very talented at lying, obfuscating and lulling people into thinking they’re working in their best interests. I think some are downright wicked…but they’re smart. They’ve outwitted many but in this case, hopefully the UK will break away and have a chance to control their own destiny.

    2. I think so too. I think the whole thing interested me so much because it has such strong echoes here at home. I’m really hoping we can unwind the power that the Globalists have in this country. They seem hell bent on taking as much power from the citizens as possible (all in the guise that they’re kind, caring and “know what’s best for us.”)

  6. Totally on your side, my friend. This was the best thing for the people of the UK, and I stand behind them for this incredible and very difficult decision. At this time, the United States need to support them and their freedom, however, knowing our current administration, they will probably brush this aside as an afterthought.

    1. Yes, I agree. They are on the side of the EU and would very much like to get us into the same type of arrangement. Originally the EU was supposed to be a “trade” agreement or trading bloc type deal but it morphed into what it is now (by design, not by accident). The TTP is the same nonsense being worked on here…loss of sovereignty and control for citizens to make decisions that affect them directly. I’m hopeful that more people will start to really examine these trade deals the politicians are trying to sell us before letting them go through. Of course, they create 1000 page documents that they won’t let the public read. What’s that Nancy Pelosi said about Obamacare? “You have to pass it to find out what’s in it.” The lunatics are running the asylum!

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