Bring On The Muscle Mass!


I find it amusing when people, especially women, tell me they don’t exercise because they don’t want to get “bulky.”  Gaining muscle mass isn’t something that happens accidentally.  It takes extreme effort and dedication to sculpt a physique that’s noticeably muscular and it takes incredible stamina and unwavering commitment to come anywhere close to resembling an elite body builder.

That being said, it’s that little bit of muscle mass that most of us can attain if we work at it that makes us look toned, fit, strong, more youthful and healthy.  If you take time to educate yourself so that you lift properly, you’re definitely going to be on the road to a more pleasing physique but nothing you can do (even if you try) is gong to make you look like Arnold!


11 responses

  1. The day I look like Arnold will be the day a certain crooked presidential candidate goes to federal prison! But I do resemble him with a stogie. 😊

    1. She should be in an orange jumpsuit right this minute! Of course, she’s not had to pay the piper…yet.

  2. There’s nothing wrong with trying to get fitter than you are. I concentrate merely on losing weight and even with something as basic as that, I can feel the benefit.

  3. First, congratulations on the motivation you provided GP Cox to help him achieve a healthier outcome as measured by an improved blood pressure.

    This post is spot on. Many women use muscle mass as an EXCUSE to avoid resistance training. It is an essential part of exercise improving lean body mass to body fat ratios, strengthens the skeletal bone matrix reducing the chances for osteopenia and osteoporosis (and ultimately fractures,) improves proprioception (nerves providing body positional sense) reducing the chances for falling as we age and so many other benefits. The good news is, if women do accumulate too much mass, it is easy to reduce the size with High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) which will improve tone and definition. Other forms of cardiovascular training will work as well.
    When approaching exercise, people need to be HONEST with themselves to maximize their benefits.

  4. Love this! That “I don’t want to bulk up or look manly” is such nonsense. Women who say that have no idea about the effort, dedication, time and genetics it takes to look even remotely bulky.

    1. I used to wish it was TRUE! I have such a hard time getting any mass to stick. Every ounce is a fight. I always reassure women they’re not going to end up “looking like a man” if they touch a weight.

  5. I don’t think I look that much like Arnold. I am a little taller. Most people can tell us apart that way. Also, our accents are quite different, y’all.

    1. Ah…you made me laugh. I can tell the difference! You’re the much better version of a man (and you have a way cooler dog)!

  6. Just wanted to let you know… I hit the doctor today and my blood pressure hasn’t been this good in many years – he said it was perfect! You and Jonathan have both been a great help to me, thanks.

    1. That’s wonderful news! I’m delighted to hear that. You must pat yourself on the back because it’s your efforts that made that happen. I hope you’re feeling very proud of yourself. I’m sending you a cyber high-five AND a gold star (those stars are very rare). Excellent work!

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