The Size Of The Fight…


We’ve all heard this expression before. It came to mind when I was looking at a particular photo I took during my son’s last lacrosse season.  It’s a photo of my son and his teammate, who happens to be one of the best offensive players I’ve had the pleasure of watching play.  He also happens to be very small in comparison to many of the other players on the field, particularly some of the guys on defense.  


Rainy day…My son and Little Joe waiting for the game to start.

The size difference doesn’t matter one whit to Little Joe.  He plays the game with great gusto.  He’s fast and light on his feet…and he takes on much bigger players without a second thought.  He feints right, then goes left, he stops and changes directions on a dime, he’s got a whole repertoire of fancy footwork to rely on…

…but he’ll go head to head in a New York minute.  Little Joe has NO fear in him.  He attacks relentlessly and consequently enjoys great success on the field.  Now and then he winds up on his backside but he hops back up, eager to get right in there again.  That’s what makes him such a great competitor and teammate.  His unbridled love for the game and enormous enthusiasm more than make up for what he lacks in size.  He’s a beast on the field and those who underestimate him quickly learn the error of their ways.


Little Joe usually wins when he goes head-to-head with the defense.



Little Joe looks forward to challenges and he carries himself with confidence.  He’s an excellent example of how to tackle our own challenges whether at work or in the gym.  It doesn’t matter if we have some sort of disadvantage, we have to face our opposition (the miserable to deal with co-worker,that loaded bar or someone willfully trying to trip us up) with good cheer, expectations of a positive outcome…and a whole lotta moxie!

Don’t sit it out on the sidelines.  Get in there, be smart, feint when you can and hit ’em straight on when you can’t!


7 responses

  1. Doc,

    Love this. I think the only thing that is little about Joe, is his fear!


    1. You’re so right! He’s such a pleasure to watch. He’s got great heart and spirit. I find him inspiring. We didn’t have lacrosse when I was a kid but I bet I would have liked playing. It’s a great, fast moving game and it looks like so much fun to play!

      Hope you’re doing well these days! It’s moving into fall (which is hard to believe since the weather isn’t saying “fall” at all).

  2. I always wished my school had lacrosse. You are correct my beautiful spider monkey, it is ALWAYS the size of the dog in terms fight. In your case, you are much bigger than I am. Keep the fight and as always, I do adore you!

    1. You’re the BEST!

      You know, when I watch my son play, I think I would have loved to play myself. We didn’t have lacrosse either but it looks so fun. It’s very fast moving…no time to get bored (as a player or spectator).

      Do you know I saw Halloween decorations in my local grocery store yesterday? That’s a little too early even for me…but since school has started, I’m starting my fall routine.

      Wishing you wonderful days!

  3. Great message to share. Everyone offers value when we decide to recognize it!

  4. I really like that one Lynn

    1. Thank you! Little Joe is such a pleasure to watch. He’s a very exciting player.

      Hope all is well and that you’re enjoying your days!

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