Everyone knows I have a love affair with chips.  I love all kinds….tortilla, pita, corn, and especially potato.  When I’m hot and heavy into a clean eating phase but decide to deviate a little for a treat, I’ll always pick chips to satisfy my cravings.  At this moment, I’m maintaining a reasonably healthy diet but I give myself more leeway than I do when I’m earnestly trying to de-fluff.  Therefore, I have a few chips almost every day.

Not too long ago, I was in the store and a new flavor of chip caught my eye.


After thinking it over while looking at the photo on the package  I came to the conclusion that if you just try hard enough you can ruin the most wonderful, delightful things in life,  including potato chips.

Last week I saw Peaches and Cream flavored chips. I started to wonder what other oddball chip flavors were out there on the market.


Goat cheese and pepper?  Well, maybe that’s not too bad.  How about this one?


Yorkshire Pudding and English Roast Beef chips?  Somehow, I’m not anxious to taste them…or these…





What, exactly, does mischief taste like?  Maybe you don’t think those flavors are so bad.  Fine, how about these?




The last three were just jokes but I couldn’t resist.  I don’t think they’re that far off from the real flavors they’re producing right now.

I was thinking, if these were the only chips available, my biggest nutritional vice would disappear in the blink of an eye!


7 responses

  1. The Cheddar bacon mac and cheese is Deeeeelicious! I miss the Garlic Cheesy Bread flavor though.

  2. Give me my plain old ruffles original. The toothpaste and orange?? What were they thinking?

    1. I’m with you. I love the plain version. Sometimes I get very adventurous and get sea salt and vinegar. Some of those flavors I ran across were just awful. Who wants a seaweed flavored chip? If I want to taste seaweed, I’d just eat seaweed!

  3. Yorkshire Pudding and English Roast Beef chips? I don’t think that I’d like those. I like chips, but I find them to be nearly impossible to stop munching on.

    1. Me too…I’m a chip addict! I figure you’ve got to have at least one vice in life so that’s mine. I own it! Lol…

  4. We have salt and vinegar as an ordinary flavour, but I just heard about the Scots with their “whisky and haggis”. That is just weird!!

    1. Oh..that’s a good one…Whisky and haggis. It just doesn’t appeal to me. I DO like salt and vinegar! Yum.

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