Open Letter To Colin Kaepernick

Dear Colin,

Thank you for sharing your opinion of America with me and the rest of your countrymen. 

You decided not to stand during the National Anthem, because as you said, “I am not going to stand up to show pride in a flag for a country that oppresses Black people and people of color.”

Since you were kind enough to present your opinion to me, I will return the favor.

Colin, your statements make it crystal clear that you do not like America.  However, America is not just a land mass, it’s a culture comprised of people; individuals like me, the people who raised you, your friends, your teammates, the coaches and teachers you had growing up who encouraged you and cheered you on, the policemen who protect you at football venues, your adult fans, countless little kids who buy your jerseys and eagerly turn on the TV to catch your games and members of the military who give of themselves daily so you’re free to make millions throwing a ball around.  Are we all oppressors?  Are none of us worthy of your esteem?

I have news for you Colin, America is our country and that’s our flag.

You are welcome to sit on your backside when our anthem is played.  It’s disrespectful, as you know, and you’re obviously taking great pleasure in wallowing in it.  You’re showing unbridled contempt for every good person of any and all backgrounds who has offered you kindness, help, support or love.  

Americans are a mixed bag; We’re black, white, Asian, Hispanic and combinations of all kinds.  The best of us have worked very hard to bridge divides, to be fair and inclusive.  We follow the Golden Rule every single day and people like you make our work much more difficult.   All the effort that’s been expended to strengthen our relationships, to strengthen our communities, to strengthen our country, everything we’ve successfully built is what you’re now willfully crushing under your feet.  You’ve positioned yourself as a filthy divider, instead of using your platform to reach out and make America even better.  

I have news for you.  We all have our personal hurts.  Instead of throwing a fit like a toddler, the mature among us carefully wrap those hurts up and lay them aside as best we can so that we don’t become poison pills and end up harming our cause.   We steadfastly resist becoming bitter and divisive.  We refuse to join in the rock throwing and destructiveness we claim to despise.

Perhaps you’ll grow up one day, begin to conduct yourself in a dignified manner and decide to join hands with fellow Americans who have labored for generations to make this country, not perfect, but certainly worthy of appreciation and celebration.

I wish that for you.  I sincerely do…and should that time come, the rest of us will gracefully accept your apology.


My son’s 7th grade football team, yesterday, during the National Anthem (he’s the one at the far end. There are black, white, Hispanic, Pacific Islanders and kids with mixed racial/ethnic backgrounds on the team. That’s what this country represents. We all live, work, play and strive under one flag…the American flag!


18 responses

  1. Calling all NFL players to STAND for anthem in counter-protest!

    1. Thank you for the reblog. I consider that a wonderful compliment! I’m delighted that you shared it.

      1. You are very graciously welcome. I enjoy sharing things that should be read.

  2. Not standing for the national anthem is a petty battle not worth fighting. He would do better to stand for office on a platform of “Equality for all” which would show his commitment to what is undoubtedly a major problem nowadays.

    1. Since he has such a pathetic understanding of history, I doubt he’d be able to run for office successfully. He bites the hand that feeds him. Literally. His black biological father abandoned his white birth mother. She gave him up for adoption and a white couple adopted him…and gave him every bit of love, attention and encouragement they gave their biological kids. What a way to pay them back…and all the white teachers, coaches, teammates, friends, fans he’s had. He’s terribly immature and he’s joined the bandwagon of destroyers who help warp the minds of our youth. I notice he’s not refusing any of the “oppressors” money. In 2014 he got a 12 million dollar signing bonus. He signed a $140 million dollar contract. Poor oppressed child…

      Everybody knows America isn’t perfect. My own parents had to go to segregated schools so I’m not denying there are problems. I just know the score and he’s not representing the truth to the masses. He’s stirring up trouble which we certainly don’t need more of.

  3. Your letter is very well written. I’m hoping age (maturity) and a lack of worldly experience caused Colin to misrepresent what I’m hoping were her actual intentions. When a person feels an injustice exists it is their right and moral duty to stand up in protest against this injustice. Protest, however, should not be used to denigrate a country, but rather create awareness to achieve a beneficial outcome. Defiance without resolution only creates greater strain among society. Hopefully in time Colin learns from this experience and contributes (in a positive way) to addressing racial tensions by expressing herself in a manner that offers solutions rather than insults. If she does, she will find a country willing and ready to support her and stand by her.

    1. Yes, I agree with you. There are so many positive ways an elite athlete (with a multi million dollar contract) can actually make a difference. Sulking on the sidelines is just a pathetic demonstration…and insulting to the very people he should be getting on board with. There are all kinds of good works he could be doing instead of being defiant and destructive. I notice he’s not giving back any of the “oppressors” money…

    1. Thank you for stopping by! I hope you’re having a great start to your week. Sending you wishes for an excellent afternoon.

  4. well said doc thank you, I’m a vet a first responder also and I’m the bad guy to some in this great country. how times have changed

    1. Isn’t it the craziest thing? And it’s all been done by the politicians/progressive college professors and their minions in the media supporting so many anti-American themes and promoting division. It makes me so upset. It’s profoundly sad and maddening all at the same time.

  5. Good one Lynn. I’m proud of you

    1. Thank you! I was taken aback when I first heard the story and then throughout the day I could feel myself getting more and more hot under the collar. It’s good I have a place to write down some of the things I’m thinking (after I remove the swear words and screeching)…

  6. Lynn, I don’t think any oration has me as speechless as this. I have always been proud of my country – taking the good with the bad – and as yet have not commented on Colin for fear I would never quite raving. I HAVE to print this out!!!!

    1. I have to admit, I did quite a lot of raving in my mind! I’m so happy that I have a place to express myself here. Sometimes something just kicks off a firestorm in my mind and the blog allows me to cool it down, distill it into words and then present my argument (point of view). It’s a good process for me. Keeps my head from popping off.

      Happy Monday to you!

      1. He says he’s going to continue to sit – you should send him your letter!!

      2. Perhaps I will (through the 49ers organization) although I sincerely doubt he’d read it. Apparently, he’s got some supporters but is still taking lots of heat on Twitter. Reading a max of 140 characters seems more his style than trying to hash through a letter. I might try anyway…

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