New Plan For The Fall

It’s time for something new!  I’ve been coming up with my own workout programs for 25 years and even though I was tweaking them and rearranging them regularly, the ideas in my head were just feeling stale.  I decided to let someone else do the planning for a change.  I went to and found a free 12 week workout plan that seemed fresh and interesting.  Yesterday, I started Jim Stoppani’s 12 week Shortcut to Size.  Yes, of course, I’m looking for more mass as always.  My body defaults to scrawny very quickly if I’m not careful.  This program relies on periodization.  In this case, it means alternating in micro-cycles between high reps (doing a rest-pause on the last set of each exercise), using lighter weight and low reps (doing drop sets on the last set of each exercise) using heavy weight.

It’s actually refreshing to have a prescribed program like this.  I’ll have to personalize it a little to make it effective.  I often workout at home these days and I don’t have access to a seated calf raise machine, for instance. That’s O.K.  I can figure out the few little kinks while still relying on the program overall.

This program comes with a nutritional guide which I will also customize to fit my tastes.  There are sound, scientific reasons for the amount of sugar (particularly after the workout) he recommends but I don’t like to spike my blood sugar.  I’ll pass on the after workout big blast and cut down on the rest of the sugar a bit too.  Since the program is designed for people between 160lbs and 200lbs I’ll adjust my food intake to reflect my much lower weight.  I’ll just cut the portions in half (or just above half) for now and see how that works.  I’m also not big on supplements.  I’ll take the multi-vitamin and the protein powder but leave the rest of the suggested supps alone.  In this plan, there are no cheat days/meals and as you know, that isn’t the Lynnie plan.  I’ll stick to the guide carefully during the week then allow room for some deviation on the weekends.  I actually like the food he recommends and it’s not far off from what I eat anyway so I don’t expect this part to pose any challenges.


This is what I look like now. Note the muscle loss. Yuck. Oh well, no use complaining. Better get to work! In 12 weeks, we’ll see what I look like.

Since I started today, the end date of the 12 weeks will be close to my birthday.  I always take a birthday photo to document my physique from year to year so we’ll all see if the program produces results.  If I look like a doughy, skinny wreck I’ll put the workout in the circular file and re-tool.  Hopefully, I’ll be pleased with the results!  At the very least, it’s a new adventure in my routine.

This was what I did today (day two of the program)

shortcut to size



13 responses

  1. My amazing spider monkey. I predict that you will be even more fantastic in twelve weeks than you are now…it that even possible? ?? I can’t wait to see the results!

    I have been trying to write a bit lately, and let’s just say that I wish I could write like you. All of the negativity I hear by people regarding my beloved country has bothering me lately. I have been trying to write about it, but I don’t have a way with words. I think I will try poetry, I am better at that. Well , I hope this finds you well and I hope you have a fantastic week! I will talk to you soon.

    1. Oh Lishie, you’re a man of many talents. I can’t write poetry to save my life. I write poetry like I sing. Very, very badly!

      I know what you mean and I feel the same way. I try to stay above the fray and make sure my writing (for the public) is as uplifting as possible. I have to work at it at times because I feel so distressed with current events. If you actually love America, it feels like you’re under assault 24-7, from inside and outside the walls. It can be upsetting.

      I hope your poetry lets you express yourself. Writing, for me, is like a relief valve. It’s a good practice for me to distill my feelings and to put them into words. It keeps me from bursting into flames at times. Lol…that’s a funny image but I’m sure you can relate.

      I’m always so happy t0 hear from you. You have a great week too!

  2. I did the shortcut to size a few years ago and did ok with it. I had to change around some of the lifts like deadlifts due to age and prior injuries, but all in all it worked well for me. Gained a lot of strength and put on 20lbs of muscle after the 12 weeks.

    1. Oh! You tried it! I’m going to tweak it just a little too, in order to use equipment I have at home. I really don’t have to change too much except there MUST be chips allowed sometimes. Ha, ha

      20lbs of muscle is fantastic. I’m hoping for three. Five would be fantastic. My body loves skinny and doesn’t like adding mass…

  3. Whatever the results I’m very proud of you Lynn

    1. Thank you! I better get some results! Actually, I’m pretty sure this will be a good program. It looks solid to me and after two days, all parts of me are so sore. Ha…apparently I needed a change!

  4. The new program looks great. I really like Jim Stoppani and use his how to videos on YouTube sometimes.
    Keep us posted!

    1. Ok…I’m so sore today! Ouchie…but that means I’m taxing my muscles in a different way, which is a good thing. I thought this would be a productive program and I have a feeling I made a good decision.

  5. Progress photos are the best tool for tracking success. I look forward to following your success!

    1. I hope to get some good documentation. I have to say, I’m very sore after day 2 of the plan. That’s a good thing since it means I’m taxing my muscles in a different way than I usually do. I’m going to have to add some chips to the diet, however. Who can make it without a few chips?!?

      1. I wish I had more discipline with chips. 🙂

      2. I’ll eat YOUR chips along with mine. See…that’s what friends are for – to be supportive and helpful!

      3. Haha! In my case, that would be perfect!

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