American Athlete-“Social Justice Warriors”

*This is an off topic post but I’ll be back on the gym track next time.  In the meantime, get those good workouts in!


Dear Protesting Athletes,

You’re going to be on your knees forever if you’re waiting for there to be an end to injustice in America. You better get used to living your life down in the mud because there’s never going to be perfect harmony under this flag or any other.  Human frailty, weakness and purposeful wickedness will always exist because we live in the realm of men.  This isn’t heaven and therefore your goal will not be achieved here.  Please point to one country, particularly a large, racially/ethnically/religiously mixed one where social justice has been perfectly accomplished (it does make you wonder why, if it’s so terrible, black and brown people from other countries still seek to come to America in droves). 


You’ll never be able to stand erect again.  You’ll live there on your knees breathing the dust of those who actually stand, walk, work for and fight real battles for justice.  You know, those who roll up their sleeves and spend their time uplifting the poor, the sick, the weak, not just pointing to the problem and demanding someone else fix it.  But then again, that’s a much harder thing to do.  It’s exponentially more difficult than sinking to the floor at the sight of the flag. It takes place out of the spotlight and is most often unacknowledged and unnoticed by the word at large. 


How about some of you concerned athletes who have long off seasons take some at-risk kids under your wing?  Maybe you could show up every week on Saturday night when lots of young people are getting into trouble and hang out at an inner city rec center, playing with them and keeping them off the streets where they’re more likely to engage in behavior that might catch the attention of the police?  Why don’t you sponsor a tutoring program where you and some of your buddies help teach a few struggling young people how to read or do math? You don’t have to be a trained teacher to do that.  Pay a trained teacher to organize the learning materials, demonstrate how to execute the lessons and oversee the tutoring sessions that YOU run.  How about driving every Wednesday during off season to a high school with low performing students and run the after school study program?  During the season when you can’t show up, you can arrange to Skype for a few minutes a day with them or send a video message each week to encourage them to stay the course until you return to duty in person.  Perhaps you could adopt a child who has lost their parents to drug addiction.  What about leaving the sport you play and going into law enforcement instead?  It’s clearly a place you think needs improvement…improve it!  Fifteen seconds of thought and more importantly desire, and you could come up with a way to actually do some good. There are myriad places to put your time and energy but it requires you give of yourself, not just insist that someone else resolve your grievances. Dropping to your knees whenever you hear our anthem or see our flag isn’t going to get the job done.  Neither is throwing money (in small or even large amounts) in the general direction of the problem.


I’ve never heard of a single battle won, at any point in history, by warriors who engaged in the campaign on their knees.  Have you? Stand up, wipe the dirt off your pants and get to work!  If you choose not to, the rest of us will know exactly who you are…yet another tiresome, self centered, grandstanding agitator who loves to throw matches in puddles of gasoline but won’t lift a finger to be helpful. We’ll know you were simply seeking a public forum and a TV camera so everyone could watch you clutch your pearls and virtue signal in high definition.  In the final analysis, we’ll see that though you had the power and position to have contributed mightily, your life was naught

but a walking shadow, a poor player 

That struts and frets his hour upon the stage, 

And then is heard no more.  It’s a tale 

Told by an idiot, full of sound and fury, 

Signifying nothing.”  (William Shakespeare)


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  1. Quoting Shakespeare, now? I just finished a turn as Puck here in LA. And Stoppani’s plan is kicking my a**. A woman can’t be too strong or too intelligent. I may have imagined you. Hope I haven’t opened up an epistemological rabbit hole, there.

    1. Oh! You were in a play…that’s fantastic. I love theater. We have a tiny playhouse close by. I think it seats about 50 people. I love going to see their productions. Live acting is great.

      You’re doing Stoppani’s plan too? I’m actually enjoying this program very much. I’m on week 7. So far, so good. Naturally, I’d like to see more muscle but I’m impatient and know I just need to stay the course. It’s kind of fun not thinking about my program but just doing whatever it says on the printout. You’ll have to let me know how you like the program as you go on. I’d love to know.

      Delighted that you stopped by! Sending you wishes for wonderful days (and workouts).

  2. Doc,

    So tough to get your point across in the American climate today but I think you made your point so perfectly without being offensive to anyone.

    I am not totally sure I can agree with you because they are exercising their right to protest which is exactly why we established this nation so many years ago. Like you, I think taking a knee is a waste of time that could be better spent actually doing something to better the world. But I am glad to live in a nation where they are free to have the option to do it. I think of Germany in the 1930s where the public had to hold their palm out in salute or risk going to an internment camp.

    The day is coming where there will be so many people taking a knee to protest something offensive that it will be the rare athlete that remains standing. I guess my feeling is that I don’t care if someone takes a knee as long as I am not forced to take a knee.


    1. Yes, I don’t mind protest. As far as the NFL goes, I do have a bone to pick with them (not the players per se). You know, just like I do, that if they were taking a knee to protest late term abortion, allowing difficult/impossible to vet Muslim refugees into the country or the abandoning of Christian values or anything else not considered a good pro-PC stance, those players would have been stood up and disciplined IMMEDIATELY. They’re allowed to kneel because they’re serving a larger purpose in the progressive movement. Can you see these same NFL execs and ESPN announcers talking about how it’s their first amendment right? BS…never happen in a million years. What would happen is the same thing that would happen if I walked into my teaching job with a shirt that said “Abortion is murder.” I’d be expressing my first amendment rights…on the sidewalk! Your place of employment can ask that you uphold certain standards while on site/in uniform but anti-Americanism is “cool” so they get to do it on company time…

    2. …and I forgot to say thank you for your lovely compliment on my piece. Much appreciated! Hope all is well in your world!

  3. Interesting perspective. I can see the need to protest in a peaceful manner with all that is happening in our world, but helping hands on in communities is a very loud, powerful voice. Especially these guys with the huge bankroll.

  4. Spot on, Lynn. I wish all athletes could read this and see the error of their way. No country is perfect, but this one is certainly the one closest.

  5. Excellent once again! I do believe the second-rate QB just can not handle being without the spotlight. It’s time for him to put his millions where his mouth and knees are – to use in helping people!

    1. I agree. I don’t know why, but I find it hard to leave this subject alone. Believe it or not I have a lot more to say. I probably won’t write any more about the “social justice warriors”/Black Lives Matters people here on this blog but I have plenty of good advice that they certainly wouldn’t want to hear but it would help the black community far more than stirring up animosity against the police and pitting themselves against all Americans who love the country. Their method of drawing attention to their cause is profoundly stupid and destined to fail. Whatever comes out of these protests, it’s a good bet the black community they say they care so much about won’t benefit in any significant way. *sigh*

      I’m glad I have a place to write my thoughts down. It helps me blow off steam and remain the happy, sunny person I am!

      1. Agreed – this attitude is not helping blacks or whites or our country.

  6. I don’t agree with everything you say, but you are absolutely right about overpaid athletes doing so little for the places they have left behind. Soccer players over here are so rich that they only have to have a single 12 month contract in the Premier League during their entire career to make it possible for them never to have to work again in their lifetime. Even so, they waste their money on cars and fashion. Hardly any give anything back, and that applies to soccer players both white and black. All they need to do is to finance the sports clubs struggling to survive in the poor areas, but they can’t manage even that.

    1. Wouldn’t it be nice if they put some personal effort into making things better? One can only wish…

  7. Lynn, Lynn, Lynn! God bless the ground you walk on! I’m sick and tired of these “role models” showing our young and impressionable men and women (kids) how to not stand for nothing! It sickens me to the core. My family is a mix of black and white. That being said, they know the difference between patriotic and ignorance. There is so much I want to voice on but I can not go into it right now. I love you and your words. I love because you are a woman who can express the feelings in words that men like me can not. I’m military, and I feel that I won’t be able to contain myself if I witness this disrespect of the very thing I’ve been defending for forty years! I will not not, nor anyone who listens to me attend another college our pro sport ever again. Hit them where it hurts(their wallet) see how that is received. Integrity, Service before self, excellence in all you do!

    1. I’m so glad you took the time to read my blog entry and to write back. I’m very passionate about this issue. The kneeling athletes and violent protests in the streets are very troubling to me. One thing we know for sure, nothing is going to improve for the community they say they care so much about if they use those methods to express themselves. They’re being encouraged and financed (the street protestors) by forces that want to dismantle American nationalism. They’re “useful idiots” in a larger scheme. By pitting us against each other and stirring up grievances they undermine the patriotism and national pride of the citizens This is a very common methodology used when forces want to disrupt the current government and replace it with a shiny, new form of “fair” governing where “justice for all” is guaranteed. Sounds a lot like the communists and “socialist workers party” methods. They foment this on purpose so that people become unattached to tradition and they become disenchanted by what they have and then they’re easier to move into a new system. If these people get what they’re demanding, they’re going to have nationalized police forces to deal with and we all know that doesn’t make anything better. The people who push the movement forward on the streets NEVER see their lives improved. They’re always betrayed in the end, once they’ve outlived their usefulness.

      You know how you know this is all a set up? Can you imagine if some players took a knee because they were protesting abortion or illegal immigration? The NFL/colleges wouldn’t stand for it for ONE SECOND! Those players would be stood up, disciplined or kicked out. You can bet they wouldn’t be yakking about having a first amendment right to protest! Remember when Tebow got in so much trouble for praying on the field? The NFL/college administration is part of the problem. They’re supporting the destruction of our cultural cohesiveness. They’ve completely ruined the game for me.

      Ah well, I’m glad I have a place to express myself. It’s a good release valve for me…and I’m very happy to know there are other people who find these current events rather troubling.

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