Little Miss Impatient

There were times my mom called me Little Miss Impatient when I was a child.  It’s true, I wasn’t that good at waiting although I got much better as I grew up.  Nevertheless, when I start a new rotation in my exercise plan, I want quick results!  I started one of Jim Stoppani’s plans and I’m now on week 7.  I do see some changes in my physique.  I’m tighter, significantly stronger, the striations in my chest are showing more prominently and my muscles are starting to appear more full.  BUT NOT FULL ENOUGH!

Yes, I’ll admit I’m impatient when waiting for results…but I also know I’m not the only one!





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  1. I’m equally impatient waiting for the new update photo! 😉 Truth be told, I’m not the worlds most patient person, either.

    1. I have a “Bad Maid” photo for tomorrow but no progress pic yet. I still look the same as I did a couple weeks ago but I’m hoping for improvement soon!

      1. I loved the bar maid photo from last week. Will that be your Halloween costume this year?

      2. It was definitely going to be but now I want to be Wonder Woman…and I saw a very fun bee costume too! I need more days to dress in costume. One is not enough.

      3. I think you ought to celebrate at least a week of Halloween. 🙂 That’ll give you opportunity for all of your costumes to be worn.

  2. I was the same way as a kid and don’t know for a fact if I ever grew out of it!! My father used to take me fishing to teach me patience, but I used to catch fish too often for it to be effective.

    1. You’re a good fisherman! My luck varies but I do remember “fishing” with my youngest in Africa. It’s one of my favorite memories. We didn’t have real equipment and almost no chance of catching anything but we sat there most mornings laughing and relaxing while pretending to fish. Never caught a thing but had the time of our lives.

      1. Sounds terrific, that’s really what it’s all about. I wasn’t a good fisherman, just lucky. It created some great memories too!

  3. Impatience is difficult to deal with. I feel just the same when it comes to recovering from any minor illness.

    1. It’s hard to “stay down” when you’re sick or hurt even when you know it’s the best course for healing. Ha…we share the same trait!

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