The Bad Maid (#4 and #5)


Important things first. How do I look this morning?


Ironing is SO boring. Good thing I can multi-task. Wait, what’s that awful burning smell?

9 responses

  1. Yes, my wife loathes ironing too, so much so that she refuses to dress up to do it.

    1. Ha…that made me laugh! To tell the truth, I used to iron but I don’t do it anymore. Luckily most fabrics don’t require it these days.

  2. Looks like you’re having a lot of fun with this series. Keep smiling and enjoying life! 🙂

    1. Thanks! I did have fun with that theme. It was a good creative endeavor for me an it let me express my silly side. Happy Halloween!

  3. I don’t blame the bad maid! I loathe ironing.

    1. Me too. I own an iron but rarely touch it. If I actually get it out, it’s just to touch up a shirt for my older son who needs to dress nicely for some of his activities. I don’t think I have a single item of clothing that needs to be ironed.

  4. I could care less if my shirts are burning! lol! I love this series, Lynn. Will you be posting a costume on Halloween Day as well? Also, would you mind if I reblogged one of your costume posts?

    1. I’ll post a photo on Halloween. It’s the last of the Bad Maid series. I have a bee costume that’s just itching to be worn but I think I’ll wait and maybe take a Happy Spring photo in it. I want to dress up as Wonder Woman too but don’t have that costume yet. I might just get it and then do a “just because” photo at some random time…you know, when I feel like a superhero! I’m a nut…but I have fun!

      I’d be delighted if you reblogged one of my pictures. That would be a lovely compliment!

      1. Thank you, Lynn! Will reblog today. 🙂

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