Veterans Day – 2016

To all our Veterans, 

Today is a day of national recognition for your efforts on behalf of the nation, your brothers in arms, families and friends.  I hope you feel the warmth of a grateful America.  I imagine that for many of you, the pre-planned, yearly celebrations don’t really carry the message so many of us hope to convey.  I can understand that. 

Please know that under the pomp and often sappy messages and memes, there exists a shining chord of deep appreciation.  Be easy on us…your fellow citizens.  We can be clumsy, stumbling and inartful but my wish is that you will accept our sometimes out-of-rhythm efforts in the spirit they are intended.  

It’s cliche and you’ve heard it before, but your service is sincerely valued by so many of us out here.  Although we don’t always know how to express it, we certainly feel it. 

You answered when called and we love you for it.  Thank you.



5 responses

  1. My beautiful spider monkey, thanks for your unwavering support for my brothers and sisters, it is appreciated more than you can possibly know!

    1. Hi Lishie! I can hardly believe that Thanksgiving is almost at the doorstep. The whole summer flew by and now fall is doing the same. I’ve been enjoying my walks with the dogs so much. They keep me marching along at a rapid pace. What a beautiful time of year this is.

      Wishing you perfect days ahead!

  2. Let me take this chance to Thank You personally for helping to watch my back!

  3. That’s really well written. And very true.

    1. Thank you! I’ve been away from my computer for the last few days and I’m getting ready to go visiting for the Thanksgiving holiday soon. It’s been a busy but fun time. I hope you’re doing well and that you’re having lovely days!

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