Excuses Are Easy


Every single day you can come up with excuses not to exercise.  You don’t even  have to work hard at it.  Maybe you stayed up too late the night before or you don’t have enough time (even though you hopped on the couch to watch your favorite TV show) or you have a hitch in your get-along.  Excuses are easy, plentiful and often plausible but you know in your heart that if you take the easy way out, you’re letting yourself down.  Don’t get in the habit of self-sabotaging. The more often you allow yourself to skip a workout, the easier it is to do it the next time.  Instead of throwing in the towel when you’re having an off day, just go a little lighter in the weight room, run a shorter distance at a slower pace or if that still seems like too much…go for a walk.

Remember, doing a little something is far superior to doing nothing.


9 responses

  1. I was going to work out, but I was afraid of being abducted by aliens. ..I will try again tomorrow!

  2. You are absolutely right, Lynn. Whatever gets us closer to the top of the mountain is good!

    1. That’s right. It’s a marathon not a sprint. Sometimes we progress fast and sometimes hardly at all. We just can’t quit on ourselves.

  3. Or as Yoda would say: “There is no try. There is only do or do not.” … or something to that effect. 🙂

    1. Yes! Yoda is wise. Wise he is!

  4. But what if you do nothing with great enthusiasm?

    1. I’ve been known to do just that on occasion…while eating hot buttered popcorn!

  5. Great advice, Lynn. This applies to so many things in life and why the Nike slogan “Just do it” resonated with so many people.

    1. Sometimes I have to trick myself. If I know there is a part of my workout I don’t like I hop out of bed in the morning and do it first thing. That way I get it done before my body even knows what it’s doing. Plus then there isn’t that awful anticipation that provides the perfect breeding ground for excuse making.

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