New Favorite!

I found a new exercise that I absolutely love to do.  I discovered rear delt cable crossovers when I was doing the Jim Stoppani Shortcut to Mass program.  The first time I did them, I knew it was an exercise that was going to stay on my favorites list.  These crossovers (I’ve also heard them called standing cable reverse flys) are effective and fun!


This exercise is perfect for helping you develop those lovely muscles in your back!  Give it a try.  I’ll bet you’ll like them as much as I do.




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  1. This is a no no for my war torn shoulders. There are a lot of exercises that I can no longer do!!

    1. I can imagine! Shoulders are glitchy anyway and with injuries you have to be very careful. Get too zealous and you’ll easily re-injure yourself. I’ve been able to avoid true injury over the years and there are still a couple exercises I can’t do or have to do with light weight instead of going heavier.

      Isn’t this a nice time of year Lishie? I’ve been enjoying my walks with my dogs. It’s been cold (for me…they don’t care at all) but I wrap up and we head out early in the morning when all is still and quiet.

      Wishing you happy days as we move toward Christmas. I think I’m growing more sentimental as I age. I’m all sappy but I’m so enjoying the season and feeling the love of Christ in my life. Sending you good thoughts, as always!

  2. Where did you find those two pictures of me? (Not the last one. )

    1. Ha! That made me laugh. I sure hope you’re having a lovely run up to Christmas and the new year. I can hardly believe how the time has flown this year. It just reminds me to stop and appreciate the time I get to spend with family and friends.

  3. Great exercise that can be done with the cables at various heights to work the muscles from different angles.

    1. Yes, it’s a great discovery for me!

  4. Glad you like that one I do too


    1. It’s AWESOME! I sincerely love it. Back day is my favorite anyway but that’s the cherry on the cake!

      1. Nice
        You like working rear delts ?

      2. I do! I need to work them more. My back responds very well and I really like having a good rear view.

      3. That’s good
        Have you tried close grip barbell pulls? They work your rear delts as well

      4. I haven’t tried those but I sure will now. I’m imagining them in my mind. I’m wondering if they’re like bent over rows with a barbell? I have a little trouble with those in terms of going heavy since they pull me over forward.

        I’ll look them up and see. I’m always game to try new things!

      5. Here’s a video that I did Just a quick clip

        @kalimuscle said 15 or better I went for 20 #OperationFSU #hyphymuscle #goldsgym #gains

        A post shared by Christian J Evans (@christian.j.evans) on

      6. Oh my gosh…I’m in the dinosaur age (which my sons tell me all the time). I tried to access your video but I think it’s on Instagram? I will ask my son to help me when he gets home. He has Instagram but I don’t. Looking forward to seeing it.

      7. You don’t have to have an IG account Idk if it’s hyperlinked by me copy and pasting that. If you can copy and paste that link to your browser than you can see it. My account is open 😁

      8. OK…and by the way…Happy belated birthday!

      9. Oh….I just accessed the video. That’s not what I was thinking. Looks like a great exercise. I’m on it!! Thanks for sharing that with me.

      10. It really gets to those rear delts

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