Team Sports And Life Lessons

On Tuesday night, my son was awarded the Defensive Player of the Year award at our football league banquet.  Needless to say, he was quite pleased.  It’s always nice to be recognized for your hard work and contribution to the team.


He started the season with a broken bone in his hand. When he went to the doctor to get it set, he was asked what color cast he wanted. He picked pink. I asked him why and he said “The girls like it.”

I feel very strongly that children benefit from being involved in sports.  They have lots of energy to expend and goodness knows, 13 year old boys have incredible amounts.  Having a physical outlet is important for general fitness reasons but team sports are a positive place to learn and grow in many other ways.   I feel blessed that my boys have had great coaches along the way who have nurtured a sense of fair play, sportsmanship and brotherhood among their players.


With his Head Coach, receiving the 2016 Defensive MVP.

It’s been an irreplaceable part of their maturation process.  They’ve learned innumerable lessons about working with others, how to handle victory, defeat, frustration and elation.  They learned how to be supportive of teammates when they’re struggling and what it feels like to get sympathetic pats on the helmet when they’ve been the one making the mistakes.




Hard day for the Quarterback…

Team sports are a wonderful place for children to learn, play and grow.  Being a member of a team gives them the opportunity to keep themselves physically fit which is vitally important but it also teaches them valuable lessons they can draw from for the rest of their lives.


with one of the Assistant Coaches after a big win…That’s a happy boy!


9 responses

  1. Well said. Sports provide an outlet and important life lessons in an environment that gives them the ability to fail without the consequences of real life so they can grow.

    1. Team sports have been so good for my boys. They have played soccer, football and lacrosse competitively. We’ve been so lucky to have had GREAT coaches all along the way. Glad you stopped by!

  2. Congratulations to your son for that wonderful honor.

    1. Thank you! It was fun seeing his hard work acknowledged. He’s very humble so it was a little embarrassing (but pleasing) for him. Happy New Year to you and your family!

  3. Absolutely right! “Fair play, sportsmanship and brotherhood” is learnt in a sports team more easily than anywhere else. And respect for the rules and for the opponent too. Congratulations to your son (and his mother)!

    1. It was a fun night. I was quite happy for my son. He has a sweet heart and is very humble so the award was a big surprise for him. I feel so lucky to have him on a team with such a fantastic, caring coaching staff. Honestly, I don’t care about their record. I’m much more interested in the life lessons they teach the boys.

      Happy weekend to you!

  4. Congratulations to your son for his achievement and to you for bringing him up so well!!

    1. It was a nice acknowledgement. My son is very humble (unlike his older brother) so he was genuinely surprised, appreciative…almost embarrassed. I was happy for him.

      I hope you’re doing well and enjoying these wintery days. I can’t believe it’s so close to Christmas. Seems I was just putting out Halloween decorations!

      1. The time keeps going by faster with each year, eh? Tell that great son of your to never change and keep up the good work!

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