Resolutions for 2017

I’ve learned over the years not to bite off more than I can chew when it comes to making resolutions for the New Year.  I make a couple small promises to myself but I see to it that they are attainable and that I’m really motivated to follow through. 

The first of my two resolutions for 2017 is simply a continuation of one I started decades ago and that’s to keep myself in shape.  Now, that covers a lot of territory.  It means I commit to doing what it takes to stay strong and physically capable.  I have to combine resistance training, cardio and good nutrition to see that I end each year in acceptable condition. 

This January I’m excited to try adding some time on my Total Gym.  I bought the thing on deep discount after watching the infomercial (for the umpteenth time).  Susceptibility to the lure of infomercials would also explain why there’s a Vitamix in my kitchen (I use it all the time), a body blade in my family room (I’m not even going to try and explain that one) and Wen hair care products in my bathroom  (they work great, by the way).


This is my new fitness friend. I’m looking forward to using it at home.

My second resolution is to make sure I read more widely.  Despite the fact that I was a Literature major in my undergraduate days, I have many books I should have read, that I somehow missed.  I’m going to add two additional books per month to augment my regular reading material.  A couple of days ago I was looking over the Kindle options for some new titles.  I happened upon a free WhisperSync version of Call of the Wild by Jack London.  WhisperSync books include an audio component so that you can read it yourself in the traditional way or you can listen to someone else, a narrator, read it to you.  Call of the Wild is one of those books, I thought I should know, that I just never got around to reading so I figured I could listen to it while on the rowing machine.  Great idea…awful choice of books….I’m not going to be able to add it to my “books-I-have-read category.” 

The first couple of chapters concentrate on terribly cruel treatment of dogs by miserable, mean people.  The last thing that happened, right before I turned the narration off for good was a Husky pack attack on a single, female dog.   Blood, ripped flesh, entrails and death…needless to say, it was not relaxing and I certainly didn’t find it entertaining. 


THESE are the type of Huskies I want to think about…sweet and adorable…

Just like I learned over the years not to eat things I don’t like the taste of in the quest for a fit, lean body and I also learned not to waste time reading books or watching movies that don’t fulfill the purpose I assigned them before starting them.  I’ve read plenty of unpleasant things in my lifetime but I don’t do it for entertainment.  Yeah, yeah, I know it probably gets better as you go along and culminates in the triumph of human and/or dog spirit but, no thanks.

Next time, I’ll try To Kiss a Rouge or Secrets of a Scandalous Bride.


I should read this…it definitely looks entertaining and judging from the cover might even include some workout or fitness tips. This muscled up warrior obviously keeps himself in great shape. Hair looks good too…He just might be a Wen customer.

Wishing you a safe and happy New Year’s Eve.  We’ve got a brand new year on tap with wonderful possibilities ahead.  Let us lift a glass to each other and jump into 2017 with anticipation of great things to come!



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  1. I really like the Total Gym. I designed a nutrition and exercise program for REALISTIC LONG TERM weight loss and made the Total Gym my exclusive piece of exercise equipment during the testing phase. I shared my program with the people from the Total Gym and they flew from California to NC (my home town) to add me to their infomercial. 3 hours of shooting yielded 1 minute of air time. Pretty interesting how that works. If you’re interested in viewing it, I have included a link for you:

    Wishing you and your family a very HEALTHY and HAPPY NEW YEAR!

    1. That’s so cool! I’m just beginning to use the Total Gym. I bought it a while ago and set it up but wanted to finish the Jim Stoppani program I was doing first. I really like it. I’m pretty good with figuring things out but decided to order the cards that show the various exercises you can do on it. There are so many!

      I will definitely go see the infomercial you contributed to. How fun!

    2. I had a chance to see the video. Hmmm…you can talk to me about anything if you do it while you work out in a tank top. Ha…nice physique!

      1. They superimposed my head on someone else’s body. 🙂 I appreciate the complement. I remember when 50 was approaching and now 60 isn’t far away. Time goes by so fast. Exercise (as you know) keeps us moving and enjoying a real quality of life.
        Here’s to lots of exercise and good nutrition in 2017 and memories yet to create!

    1. That’s a great New Year card! I love it! I didn’t see it until I signed in on my computer. The Gifs and emojis don’t appear on my phone or Ipad. Thank you!

      1. My pleasure, Lynn. Hope you’re having a great start to the New Year!

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