Plan Ahead


O.K.  Perhaps that meme, although funny,  is a little over the top.  Nevertheless, when you’re interested in keeping your diet on the clean side, a little planning is in order.  If you don’t want to get caught without something quick and healthy to eat during the week, it helps to shop and prepare several meals ahead of time.  I do this for lunches, in particular. because if I’m out and about and get too hungry, I’m much more likely to make bad choices.  I can’t tell you how great an enormous bag of potato chips,  big serving of french fries or a massive piece of chocolate cake seems when I’m starving.

Each weekend I take time out to decide what I want to eat for my lunches (I eat two a day…one at about 10:30 and one about 2:00).  I make sure it’s something nutritious and not too high in calories.  I shop so I have what I need on hand and then I do what I can to get all the food ready to go.  For instance, if I want sliced chicken, lettuce and tomato sandwiches, I’ll grill the chicken breasts on Saturday.  I slice it up, then store it in an airtight container in the fridge.  That way it’s super easy to make sandwiches in the morning before I head out.  I don’t have to scramble for ideas or ingredients.


How about a little lunch?

A little bit of thought ahead of time helps you avoid disasters.  You know, just like I do, that if you make a meal of Krispy Kreme doughnuts you might like the taste while you’re eating them but the way you feel afterwards is less than ideal.  It’s so much better to rely on regular, healthy meals and to save the doughnuts for well considered treats now and then.

Although the meme is a little silly, it’s good to remember that having a meal plan in place goes a long way in helping avoid diet disasters.



5 responses

  1. I just started freezing ingredients to make a healthy smoothie when I’m looking for a snack. Best idea ever since I no longer want to reach for junk!

    1. That’s such a great idea. It sure helps to have something easy on hand so you don’t eat something you shouldn’t when you’re starving! Not too long ago I went out to run errands and I got hungry along the way. I kept on going, thinking that I wanted to get stuff done instead of eat. By the time I got home I was famished. I put a healthy meal in the oven and while I was waiting for it to cook, I grabbed some potato chips and almost polished off the entire bag! I pushed it too far and ended up paying for it. I like having treats when it’s planned and I can really enjoy it, not just “cheating” as a function of starvation where I’m shoving bad food in my mouth and I don’t even savor the experience.

      1. I agree! It’s like food shopping when hungry..NEVER a good idea hahah.

  2. Been doing this for years. It makes life so much easier and removes unnecessary temptation from the equation. If people want to eat healthier and FEEL THE RESULTS. this is definitely the way to go. Add some exercise 3-4 days a week and experience the joys of QUALITY FUNCTIONAL LIVING!

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