Ladies Who Lift

That’s me in the crystal ball.  More than 25 years ago, I saw a magazine with natural, female bodybuilders in it and my life changed.  I loved the look of all that beautiful muscle and that’s what drew me to the gym.  I never managed to put on as much muscle as I wanted but I certainly changed my physique for the better and along the way discovered all the wonderful benefits (like stress reduction) that bodybuilding brings into your life.

More than once, I had someone (usually a well meaning relative) tell me not to “get any bigger” that “muscles aren’t feminine” or that I was starting to “look like a man.”  They didn’t appreciate the aesthetic I love so much but save a few moments of thought the first couple of times it happened, the advice had no effect whatsoever on my determination in the gym.

Here’s to all the ladies who, like me, think women with a little muscle on their bones are gorgeous!













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  1. Yes I agree that people who are not into fitness and have never dedicated themselves to training really have no idea about what we “Fitness People” do. Training is amazing for stress, well-being, health, appearance. I can’t imagine living without being able to improve my body at the gym.

    Great work! I always appreciate people’s non-stop dedication to weight training and the fitness lifestyle. Keep it up. Cheers.


    1. Hi Mitchell! Glad you stopped by. We’re on the same wavelength for sure. I love the gym. I enjoy lifting and challenging myself and it does seep over into every other facet of life. It teaches you commitment, dedication….and patience!

    1. Thank you so much! I’ve been a big fan of female fitness/natural bodybuilding since I first saw muscular ladies in a magazine many years ago. I never got as muscular as I wanted to but lifting has MUCH improved my physique and I love it!

      1. Love your take on bodybuilding. Mostly women nowadays don’t take up bodybuilding for the fear of becoming too manly. More power to women like you breaking these stereotypes. I have also written similar posts about women and bodybuilding. Feel free to check them out. Cheers!

      2. I will definitely spend some time reading your posts!

      3. Hmmmm….when I click on “sidsfitness” it takes me to an empty site (no content) for techguru588. Looks like a site under construction but about tech not fitness. Can you send me a link for your fitness stuff?


  2. I have been lifting as part of my exercise routine since I was in high school in the 60’s. Woman weight lifters is relatively new. Kind of surprised me at first, but there is nothing wrong with the idea. Since we live in a mechanized world, everyone needs to lift if they want any upper body strength.

    When it is done for the right purpose, the point of lifting is fitness, not bulking up. Anyone who is fit is going to be more attractive.

    Of course, if a guy runs into a lady who is stronger than he is, he is probably going to feel a bit intimidated.

    1. I really enjoy lifting and since you’ve been at it so long, I’m sure you know what I mean. I call it “active meditation” and I find it does wonders in fighting stress. It keeps me in shape but even better, it keeps me happy!

      1. Active meditation. That one way of putting. Exercise does help me keep my cool. It is a cinch my lady knows which days I miss my workout.

  3. lol love that quote at the beginning.

    1. Isn’t that funny? I got a kick out of it when I first read it. It was perfect for the subject matter. Glad you stopped by! Happy Thursday!

  4. If I am ever elected President I promise to have all of these young ladies as my personal guards. Nobody is going to mess with them!

    1. I’m going to hold you to that! Now how can I join the jfwknifton For President committee?

  5. I must have missed that photo in the crystal ball. Wow, your back is ripped! I find women with a little muscle is sexy!

    1. Me too…I really like the way it looks. I’m not as enthusiastic about women who max out on steroids. I’m not a fan of that aesthetic even though I know how hard they work (even with the drugs) to develop their musculature…but I love a very tight, strong physique. I’m always chasing that rainbow. Lol

      1. Neither men or women look very appealing when maxed out, in my opinion. But definition and musculature looks super sexy! And by the photos that you’ve shared, you may have reached that rainbow already, Lynn. 🙂

  6. Oooo la la! There was a pic you posted awhile back…You were in an orange colored two piece…;)

    1. I’m so inspired by ladies who manage to get some muscle on their bones. I think it looks great. It makes me stick to my workouts, hoping I can get/keep some on mine! Happy Wednesday!

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